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Tag: Vice Premier Liu He

China wants more talks before signing trade deal with Trump

Foreign ministry spokesman hopes both sides 'will meet each other halfway'.

Yen, Treasury Futures Rise as China Given a Month to Make...

'The longer the tariffs are in place, the greater the damage it will be for China and global growth.'

First day of US-China trade talks end; Trump’s tariff hike set...

Trump is aiming at the US$325 billion in Chinese goods that are so far untouched by the trade war to tax those with a punitive tariff of 25%.

Seeking to avert higher tariffs, China dispatches top negotiator to US

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday cast doubt on the talks due to China had backtracked on previous commitments.

US-China trade war is rerouting US import flows

US companies are also shifting factory investments in the wake of the China trade tiff, which a trio of economists estimate has already cost US consumers and companies US$19.2 billion.

US, China hail major progress in trade talks

China's Xi Jinping Xi is in high hope as he mentioned in a letter to Trump that relations were at a 'critical' stage and that he hoped 'our two sides will continue to work with mutual respect'

Germany to sign pacts with China during Beijing visit

Germany and China are both willing to demonstrate that the world remains multilateral despite the US tariff dispute with China.