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No time frame set in gay sex video probe, says deputy...

Mazlan Mansor also refuses to comment on Azmin Ali’s claim the video clips are the work of PKR members with links to the Philippines.

Army chief blasts ‘soldier’ who stripped in lewd video

Army chief Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd Nawawi says disciplinary action will be taken if a military person is the man in the obscene clip.

Anggota tentera beraksi lucah tak layak sarung seragam, kata panglima

Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd Nawawi berkata siasatan masih dilakukan bagi mengenal pasti anggota terlibat.

Haziq released, no probe for now, says lawyer

Haziq was detained overnight by police after being picked up at KLIA.

Azmin vows to give full support in sex tape probe

The economic affairs minister also says he will not give in to pressure to take leave.

Haziq likely to be freed later in the day, says lawyer

Police recorded a statement from Haziq Aziz last night and he was taken to Kuala Lumpur Hospital this morning for a medical examination, says lawyer Ramesh Sivakumar.

Azwan Ali muncul cabar Azmin bersumpah nafi terlibat video seks

Azwan menyifatkan apa yang berlaku terhadap Azmin adalah kifarah selepas segala tohmahan dilemparkan kepadanya sebelum ini.

2 police reports lodged over gay sex video in Sabah

Sabah police chief Omar Mammah says a special Bukit Aman team is investigating the case.

4 aplikasi mudah ‘editing’ video sebelum kongsi di media sosial

Aplikasi suntingan video yang cukup mudah dan boleh dipelajari dalam tempoh singkat sahaja.

Jualan ‘online’ Raya tampil kelainan tarik pelanggan

Mengikut arus perkembangan dunia moden, kini ramai peniaga menjual kelengkapan Raya menggunakan 'online' dengan konsep yang unik bagi menarik minat pelanggan.

Police hunt three men in car repossession viral video

Woman claims the men tried to tow her car away despite her not receiving a repossession notice.

IS video location raided by Sri Lankan police, explosives seized

The IS radicals have recorded a pledge of allegiance video to its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at a location discovered by Sri Lankan police.

Mosque massacre video distributors get death threats, court told

Footage of the horrifying massacre, in which 50 people were killed, was live-streamed and quickly spread around the internet in the hours after the attack.

Turkey’s Erdogan again shows mosque attack video despite NZ outrage

The president again showed the video in order to attack the main opposition party leader.

Sabah Umno Youth slams Sandakan council president over ‘thug-like’ action

A video capturing Sandakan Municipal Council president Peter Hii waving money in the face of a power utility staff has gone viral on social media.

Sebar video serangan masjid, ahli perniagaan NZ didakwa di mahkamah

Philip Neville Arps berdepan 2 pertuduhan menyebarkan rakaman "live streaming" serangan masjid di Christchurch, sehari selepas insiden itu.

‘Kaki Instagram’ pasti suka dengan kamera level pro keluaran terbaru

Mementingkan perincian dan spesifikasi dalam setiap gambar yang diambil pasti menjadi keutamaan mereka yang suka mengambil gambar

Christchurch teenager charged with distributing mosque rampage livestream

The 18-year-old may face a 14-year prison term if convicted for spreading livestream footage of the New Zealand shooting spree massacre.

Facebook removed 1.5 million videos of NZ mosque attack

The company is also removing all edited versions of the video that do not show graphic content out of respect for the people affected.

Streaming wars heat up as rivals queue up to challenge Netflix

These rivals are coming into the segment which has been transformed by the spectacular growth of Netflix and a growing movement by consumers to on-demand television delivered over internet platforms.

Don’t share NZ killer’s shooting video, MCMC warns

The prohibition is to prevent undesirable incidents that can cause panic and outrage among the people.

Gempak… Samsung uji kamera Galaxy S10 di angkasa ketika pelancaran

Samsung Galaxy S10 tampil kelebihan pada kamera dan video yang tidak tercapai dek akal hasilnya

Scolding workers in plantations normal, says Felcra chairman

Nageeb Wahab says the Felcra COO who was seen shouting at workers and his staff at a plantation on a viral video clip may just be passionate about wanting to improve Felcra operations.

Indonesian housewives arrested over election video

If convicted, the trio could face up to six years in prison for spreading hate speech and violating a sweeping electronic information law.