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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways to buy 10 Boeing planes during Trump-Kim summit

According to sources, VietJet is also expected to sign a major jet deal with Boeing on the sidelines of the Trump-Kim summit.

VietJet to sign major Boeing deal during Trump-Kim summit, say sources

Vietnamese airline VietJet plans to buy planes capable of flying to US cities with large Vietnamese communities.

Vietjet to finalise US$6.5 billion Airbus order

Vietjet's order for 50 A321neo jets is part of an aggressive investment in the Vietnamese airline's fleet that has provided lucrative business for both Airbus and its US rival Boeing.

Red card for Vietjet after lingerie model football stunt

Social media in Vietnam erupted over the photos, including one of an awkward-looking young man being embraced by a model in a low-cut silver belly top and red underpants.