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Australia lift AFF U-18 title with narrow 1-0 win over Malaysia

The victory also meant sweet revenge for Australia, who were upset by Malaysia 3-0 in their Group B match on Aug 13.

Vietnam demands Chinese ship leaves its exclusive economic zone

Vietnam has made contact with China to demand the withdrawal of the ship from Vietnamese waters.

Vietnam to sell stakes in 93 state firms before 2021

Vietnam will speed up its privatisation programme by the end of 2020, selling stakes in nearly 100 state-owned firms including Agribank.

Chinese ship leaves Vietnam in South China Sea standoff

As the United States challenges China's claim of the South China Sea, a Chinese ship leaves Vietnam waters. 

Malaysia defeat Vietnam to progress to AFF Under-15 final

Malaysia will go up against Thailand in the final tomorrow.

EU criticises ‘militarisation’ of South China Sea

China has been accused of deploying warships, arming outposts and ramming fishing vessels in the resource-rich sea, sparking ire from other claimants.

Dozens of live pangolins found hidden on bus in Vietnam

The rescue comes on the heels of major wildlife seizures over the past week in Vietnam, both a consumption and transport hub for illegal wildlife in Asia.

Vietnamese fishermen call for action against China

Vietnamese and Chinese ships have been in a weeks-old standoff near an offshore oil block.

Nearly 400 detained in record Vietnam gambling bust

Most forms of gambling are illegal for locals in Vietnam, but the country has in recent years been used as a venue for online betting rings run by gangs from China and Taiwan.

7 dead tigers found in car in Vietnam

Vietnam is both a consumption hub and popular smuggling route for illegal wildlife – from tigers to elephant tusks, pangolins and rhino horn.

‘We can’t hide anything’ say Cambodians at alleged China base

'You journalists. Open your eyes and noses. Today we show you everything,' says a Cambodian defence ministry spokesman.

Vietnam demands ‘immediate withdrawal’ of China ship in disputed sea

China has not confirmed the presence of its ships in the area.

Singapore seizes ivory from nearly 300 elephants in record haul

The seized pangolin scales and elephant ivory will be destroyed to prevent them from re-entering the market.

Malaysia among countries used by US importers to skirt tariffs

US companies are moving away from China into countries such as Malaysia to avoid the 25% tariff imposed by the Trump administration.

Vietnam says Chinese vessel violated its sovereignty in South China Sea

Vietnam and China are embroiled in a years-long dispute over the potentially energy-rich stretch of waters in the South China Sea.

Obesity is climbing the fastest in Vietnam in Southeast Asia

Improving economic standards in the region has brought about lifestyle changes, which in turn have led to a shift to more unhealthy diets, a report says.

Dien Bien: Scene of Viet victory over the French

The epic battle ended France’s colonisation of Vietnam and triggered America’s involvement in the region, which culminated in the Vietnam War.

Hanoi garment factory’s Olympic transformation

The Soviet-built factory complex on the outskirts of Hanoi has new life manufacturing global sportswear goods for brands like Nike and the US Olympic team.

Vietnam, China embroiled in South China Sea standoff

China's U-shaped 'nine-dash line' marks a vast expanse of the South China Sea that it claims, including large oil-filled chunks of Vietnam's continental shelf.

Nike supplier pivots away from Vietnam after exiting China

Eclat Textile Co will invest in new facilities in Southeast Asian nations such as Indonesia or Cambodia.

An exhausting but memorable climb up Mount Fanxipan in Sapa

At 3,143 metres, Mount Fanxipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, and the highest in Indochina.

US slaps import duties of more than 400% on Vietnam’s steel

The US Commerce Department imposes duties of more than 400% on steel imports from Vietnam.

Vietnam, EU sign landmark free trade deal

The free trade deal signed between Vietnam and the EU will pave the way for 99% tariff reductions of goods between the bloc and the Socialist Republic.

Vietnam buys more US goods after Trump calls it trade abuser

Vietnam is buying more US goods to help it reduce a US$39.5 billion surplus after President Donald Trump calls the country a trade abuser.