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Cold winds, great views on Great Wall of China trek

Besides trekking on the wall, there are side trips to a waterfall and a visit to the home of a local farming family, besides a very long and scary flying fox.

Maszlee confident education council will develop holistic, inclusive system

The education minister says the composition of the council reflects the ideals Putrajaya is aiming for.

Think tank: Youths happy with newfound freedom, but yearn for jobs

Iman Research finds that youths did not take the PH’s pledge to resolve certain issues within 100 days seriously but are hoping that it will fulfil these promises, especially the creation of job opportunities.

Open dialogue? Who am I, asks Siti Kasim

The lawyer-activist says she is merely a Malaysian voicing concerns about the state of the country and that she has no authority over anything.

CNY video wars: We are not contesting for Oscars, MCA tells...

The MCA’s Wee Ka Siong, striking back at Lim Kit Siang, says the party’s aim is to produce videos that highlight family values and the importance of the reunion dinner.

Stop cyberbullying over differing views, says Selangor DAP Wanita

It urges Malaysians to engage in constructive debate on public interest issues and not descend to making offensive comments, apparently referring to attacks against #UndiRosak campaigner Maryam Lee.

Dr M: Young Malaysians seem apathetic about changing the government

The PPBM chairman says younger Malaysians who have seen a developed Malaysia, and not the differences in conditions during the earlier and current governments, feel a change in government is not the answer to the problems affecting the nation.

Topple Azmin? No, it’s just differing views, says Rafizi

The PKR vice-president also says he is just voicing out the sentiments of the grassroots of those in PKR and Pakatan Harapan.