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Sabah gets RM1.1 bil in federal funds for rural development

Federal Rural Development Minister Rina Harun says the majority of her ministry’s projects in Sabah involve road construction.

In Notre-Dame’s shadow, a ‘village’ faces uncertain future

Businesses in a village just outside the Notre Dame cathedral had been hit hard in the aftermath of the fire.

Bangsar South: Where’s that?

What's in store for Bangsar South in the near future now that it has reverted to its original name of Kampung Kerinchi?

New Zealand village ‘in hands of God’ as fire threatens

A state of emergency has been declared around the town of Wakefield as the fire moved within 10 km of the residential area.

Dry days spell trouble for water guardian of Sabah village

Yami Baga dreads the prolonged periods of drought that force him to conduct water rationing exercises in his village which still relies on the water gravity system.

Page out of history: Gurney’s killing and the village of Tras

After Sir Henry Gurney is assassinated, everyone from the village of Tras is rounded-up and placed in a detention camp on suspicion of collaborating with the communists.

Villager: Datuk threatened to demolish village on ‘PM’s orders’

Villagers from Kampung Bukit Kuda, Klang, want PM's Office to investigate matter to put an end to abuse of power.

Peeping Tom suspect dies 12 days after assault

The Indonesian suffered head and internal injuries after he was believed to have been beaten up.

New York art turns Bulgarian village into outdoor gallery

Andy Warhol's banana, Salvador Dali's clocks and Edvard Munch's "The Scream" are among the murals that have turned the village into a spectacular open-air gallery.

Israeli court suspends razing of Bedouin village in West Bank, lawyer...

The Supreme Court's injunction gave the government until July 11 to respond to the villagers in Khan al-Ahmar’s contention that they had been unfairly denied building permits.

Small Dutch village eagerly awaits mega-church

Known for its aquaculture and fishing, the village will soon become home to the new mega-church, entirely financed by the religious community, with construction due to start next year.

Xi Jinping’s dream city is off to a slow start

Things are off to a slow start, and locals tell of shuttered factories, lost jobs, and a gold rush went bust in the sleepy region, which was known for its orchards and lotus flowers.

EU slams Israeli decision to demolish West Bank Bedouin village

The Israeli government intends to demolish Khan al-Ahmar.

Firing of village heads: Johor Umno calls for review

Former MB Khaled Nordin says the termination is seen as revenge as there was no strong justification for the termination.

Homeless village opens in Edinburgh following celebrity fundraisers

Partially thanks to support from Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney, Social Bite Village has opened in Edinburgh.

Johor PKR switches to personal tack with villagers

Johor Bahru candidate Akmal Nasir says the villagers have become more tolerant since the incident in February when he and several PH leaders were chased out of Kampung Bakar Bata.

Saudi-led air strikes kill at least 20 at Yemen wedding

Air strikes by a Saudi-led military coalition killed at least 20 people attending a wedding in a village in northwestern Yemen late on Sunday, residents and medical sources said.

Skyscrapers threaten to swallow KL’s last Malay village

Small-business owners say they are resigned to redevelopment plans which they fear will displace their shops and restaurants.

French ‘anarchist cell’ faces trial over 2008 rail sabotage claim

The "Tarnac group" has staunchly denied the charges during more than seven years of investigations.

Musa jointly chairs federal meeting on rural needs of Sabah

Chief minister says this is the first time he has been invited by federal regional and rural development ministry to co-chair such a meeting.

Fed up villagers ‘raid’ drug dens themselves

Community leader Tony Kulleh says the authorities have done nothing to curb the drug problem in the area, leaving the villagers no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

Restaurant owner files police report against Selangor exco

Selangor exco Ean Yong Hian Wah says the police report against him has no basis.

Residents crabby this CNY on Pulau Ketam

Fishermen of the Taoist faith are praying to Lee Fu, their local deity, for a better and more bountiful year.