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Licence for mining near Orang Asli village expired in 2017, says...

Company only has licence from state government to occupy the land but needs to get a mining licence from the federal government.

No more development please, say Semenyih voters

Villagers say there is enough development in Semenyih and it is now time for improvements to their quality of life.

Dams won’t solve Sabah’s water problem, says environmentalist

Dr Rahimatsah Amat says the state government must also address illegal water tapping and pipe leakages as well as raise awareness on responsible water usage.

Sri Lanka arrests villagers for killing leopard

Gruesome images of the leopard, a protected species in Sri Lanka, being savagely beaten were shared on social media, generating widespread disgust.

Rohingya militants massacred Hindus in last year’s turmoil, Amnesty says

According to Amnesty International, Rohingya militants known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army are responsible for the deaths of many Hindus in Rakhine State.

Orang Asli elders in Perak bent on rejecting BN

They say the BN government has encroached on their land and destroyed the natural environment.

Shahrir: Stop blaming Umno, BN for Johor village incident

The JB MP says he does not see any Umno or BN supporters in video where DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang and other Pakatan leaders were forced to leave food stall by villagers.

Developer, director sue villagers in second bid to evict them

Ehsan Bina Sdn Bhd claims it had bought the Padang Jawa village land in 2012 and the villagers are occupying the land illegally.

Gatco settlers get stay order against company developing land

This is pending the settlers' appeal over their lawsuit against the company next month.

Villagers claim dogs acting strangely since April

According to a farmer, his pet dogs went 'wild' and bit the villagers.

Villagers file report alleging developer ‘harassing’ them

Settlers, who are mostly elderly people, claim agents are going from house to house, pressurising house owners to sign agreement to give up their homes.

Stop bullying us, Orang Asli tell Kelantan government

Representatives from the Orang Asli community in Gua Musang say they are merely asking the PAS-led state government to restore their land rights.