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Jokowi vows US$30 billion transfer to Indonesian villages if re-elected

There has been debate over the effectiveness of the programme, called Village Funds, while there are also concerns about how the transfers can fuel corruption.

Indonesian president vows US$30 billion transfer to villages if re-elected

The World Bank is questioning the effectiveness of Village Funds, a pledge made by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to raise the funds of government transfers to villages.

Germans turn to ‘medibus’ as doctors desert villages

The bus, set up by the Hesse state medical association, makes weekly stops in six western Germany villages.

At least 10 dead in Indonesia floods and landslides

At least ten people were confirmed killed while another ten are missing at an Islamic boarding school that was buried by the landslides.

Deputy minister: No order to allow durian farmers into Orang Asli...

Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister R Sivarasa says he only asked the durian growers to write to him but they went ahead and demolished the Orang Asli blockades.

Sabah says letter to solve late registration problems, not another Projek...

The Sabah rural development ministry denies a letter seeking information on remote villages and islands is prelude to another Projek IC.

After 10 years, Sabah villages still without clean water

As a temporary measure, water will be manually delivered to some 350 families in the Kuala Penyu district, says minister.

Orang Asli elders in Perak bent on rejecting BN

They say the BN government has encroached on their land and destroyed the natural environment.

India says electrified all villages ahead of prime minister’s deadline

However, not all of India's citizens currently have access to electricity.

Kiandee: Government serious about helping remote villages

The Beluran MP says homes have been repaired and rural power supply provided for villagers in Kampung Pulau Tetabuan.

Sabah water supply project expanded to cover more villages

The project under the rural and regional development ministry will now cost RM16.6 million more but Tuaran MP says more villages will get to enjoy clean water.

Nigerian air force killed dozens in attacks on villages, Amnesty International...

The attacked villages were in Adamawa State, where 35 people were killed.