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Government supporters rally in Hong Kong to seek end to violence

The rally comes a day ahead of yet another mass protest planned against the government.

Mall clashes at latest Hong Kong anti-extradition march

Violence has now escalated further as protestors charged into a shopping complex clashing with the police causing more chaos in Hong Kong.

French prosecutors seek suspended prison sentence for Saudi princess

French prosecutors say they are pushing for a six-month suspended prison sentence for a Saudi Arabian princess in a case involving the beating of a workman in her luxury flat in Paris.

Saudi princess goes on trial in France for assaulting worker

Hassa binti Salman will face a trial in absentia on charges of violence against a man who was carrying out repairs at her father's posh Avenue Foch in France.

Turkish artist goes viral with stark misery and comfort images

'I only interpret the images in a different way. I try to find the value and meaning of the photos that I see in the news and add the message I want to give to the world,' says Gallenkus.

Violence flares in West Bengal as voting in Indian election ends

Police used batons to break up skirmishes between supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the regional Trinamool Congress party in Kankinara.

Sri Lanka imposes nationwide curfew after mosques attacked

Residents in Muslim parts of North Western Province said mobs had attacked mosques and damaged shops and businesses owned by Muslims for a second day.

Violence as millions vote in 2nd phase of India’s election

As the Indian continent votes, violence took place in the far east state and insurgency Jammu and Kashmir.

Liam Neeson apologizes for revenge remarks: ‘I missed the point’

The Irish actor caused an outcry in February when he recalled an incident in which a female friend told him she had been raped by a man who was black.

6 die in Mali attacks as UN urges end to ‘spiral...

The UN rights office in Geneva said earlier Tuesday it had sent a team of investigators to the region

Tibet supporters in India mark 60 years since uprising

Parliamentarians from 10 nations were present at Dalai Lama's temple in India, where performers dressed in traditional wear danced and recited Tibetan songs.

Istanbul police fire tear gas at banned women’s day rally

Police also harassed marchers with dogs, causing many protesters to flee onto side streets.

Indonesian soldiers killed in fresh Papua violence

Jakarta keeps a tight grip on the resource-rich region, which experienced several spasms of violence this summer.

Hundreds of students flee violence in Indonesia’s Papua

Clashes between guerrillas and the Indonesian military. led the Nduga district to evacuate more than 400 students in Jawawijaya district.

Death toll from Nigeria attack doubles to 130

The African nation is split roughly equally between Christians and Muslims, and comprises around 250 different ethnic groups that mostly co-exist peacefully.

Haiti president breaks silence after week of violent unrest

At least 7 people have died as Haiti has been plunged into political crisis, with everyday life paralysed by protests and barricades in the largest towns.

5 killed in Nigeria pre-election violence

The incident comes after recent clashes between young supporters of the ruling and rival opposition parties.

Protests, violence paralyse Haiti capital

Schools, shops and municipal offices are shuttered for fear of more violence.

Drugs, violence threaten Rohingya men in world’s largest refugee camp

18 months after fleeing persecution in Myanmar, Rohingya men wracked with uncertainty and driven toward drugs and violence.

We are a success at poverty eradication, but just don’t tell...

Proper implementation and monitoring, plus a sincere pursuit without politics in mind, will go a long way in ensuring more people are helped out of the cycle of poverty.

Gunmen kill 30 Tuaregs in ongoing Mali violence

The attack follows the killing of more than 40 Tuareg civilians in the same area in mid-December and the death of 15 Fulani civilians in Mali's central Mopti region in the same month.

France vows tough response as new ‘yellow vest’ demos loom

Officials have warned they expect this weekend's anti-government demonstrations to be bigger and more violent than a week ago.

Kuwaiti girls use martial arts to counter bullies and violence

Kuwaiti girls learn self-defense skills and are put into conditions similar to street conditions to build confidence.

UN calls for probe into Bangladesh elections

The United Nations calls on the authorities to take urgent measures to prevent further reprisals.