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I’ve a mission, says youth behind ‘How Malay am I’ viral...

Penang-born Jefri Nazri's Twitter videos are all about showing that our differences should unite, not divide, us.

Stop the gutter politics, says PKR after shock gay sex confession

The party tells the public not to spread the clips.

Teenager tells police he shot caged monkey for fun

Police say the boy and his father, the owner of the gun, have been arrested after a video of a youth shooting dead a monkey in a cage went viral.

Yapeim boss suspended over threat to punish PH voters

A video had shown director-general Abibullah Samsudin urging staff to support Barisan Nasional in the May 9 polls last year.

Vocational college fight in Labuan caught on camera

Parents lodge police report after seeing video of fight on social media.

Infectious country-rap hit tops US charts and sparks race debate

The smash hit 'Old Town Road' by the previously unknown artist Lil Nas X was streamed more than 46 million times.

It was getting out of hand – Pope explains ring kissing...

The pope did not want to spread germs as one person after another repeatedly kissed his hand at short intervals.

Cops hunt for 7 men involved in violent Tawau attack

A video that has gone viral showed a group of young men kicking and hitting their victim who was lying motionless on the ground.

Musa Hitam: Viral video edited to make me appear critical of...

The former deputy prime minister says on closer examination of the video, the abusive words were not directed at the prime minister but at a political activist.

Hundreds rush to Immigration Dept to renew documents in Sabah

The immigrants were there to renew their documents and also to apply for new ones for their children.

Upskirt video: Cops arrest deputy minister’s ex-aide

The man's action was caught on CCTV at an optician's shop.

Don’t make extreme jokes, Kelantan police tell students

This follows a video of a student apparently chained to a pole which went viral before it was discovered to be a joke.

‘I didn’t mean to show Bajau Laut villagers in bad light’

Woman who records villagers asking for handouts from tourists in Sabah says she did not mean for the video to be widely circulated.

EC: Viral video of polls worker held with ballot paper was...

The video has resurfaced to cause disorder among the people, the statement said.

Report lodged over video linking PH to foreign meddling, gay rights

Penang councillor lodges police report on video featuring Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Vincent Tan and others.

Lawyers: Man on ‘rope jump’ with child can be charged

They say action can be taken against Redha Rozlan who held daughter as he did a 'rope spring jump' off a bridge, as seen in a video that has gone viral.

Woman in viral video wants better SOP from cops

Kogee Sinniah, who claims police failed to help her in a road bullying incident, says there must be a better procedure to deal with people in distress.

Road bully forces car having right of way off road

Face off between Mercedes Benz and Perodua Bezza in PJ on Thursday caught on video, as police confirm report made by 'victim' in incident.

Video of abuse not related to Adelina’s case, say cops

Central Seberang Perai police chief says no report has been lodged on the incident shown in the video which has been shared widely on social media.

Viral video, pic not real, from movie set, say cops

KL police chief Mazlan Lazim has clarified that a video showing a street gun battle and photo of 2 men lying dead on the ground, are both from a movie shoot.

Police warn against sharing video on alleged rude cops

Kampar police chief says investigation under Communications and Multimedia Act has been opened into sharing of video posted by Facebook user Long Ng.

‘Isn’t 10 years enough?’ woman asks Penangites in viral video

A video uploaded on pro-BN blogs features a woman making an impassioned plea about how Penang has become worse than what it was 10 years ago.

Woman in viral ‘slapping’ video lodges police report

The 24-year-old Indonesian factory worker says her assailant seemed of unsound mind and merely shoved her head back.

‘What’s that shot?’ ask disturbing videos going viral in Brazil

The line comes from a song that promises to be the hit of Brazil's antipodean summer and which already has more than 20 million views on Youtube.