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Tag: vision

Myth vs truth: Eye-opening facts about vision

Sitting too close to the TV or reading in the dark will not ruin your eyesight. But eating carrots and other Vitamin A-enriched vegetables will improve vision.

Google talent advantage erodes as more workers doubt CEO vision

When workers were asked if Pichai’s vision of what the company can achieve inspires them, 78% indicated yes, down 10 percentage points from the previous year.

From employee to entrepreneur: Having the right mindset

Focus on your vision and goals 24/7, and do your homework about the competition and the demand customers will have for what you're offering.

Maintaining healthy vision may help keep brain in shape

However, the question of whether vision influences cognition, or vice versa, has not been clear.

How an eye check can whip that ‘lazy eye’ back into...

Taking your kid to an ophthalmologist can prevent vision impairment from becoming needlessly permanent.