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VK Liew: Ahli Parlimen tak minta waktu pertanyaan PM secara bertulis

Menteri undang-undang berkata Dewan Rakyat mesti membuat permintaan rasmi kepada jemaah menteri.

Panel to study proposal to replace CLP with common Bar course,...

De facto law minister says there has been some resistance on the part of the academicians towards this proposal, eight months after he said Putrajaya was considering this.

Probe into alleged judicial misconduct can go on despite lawsuit, says...

The de facto law minister says police and MACC can continue their investigations while the courts decide on Yong Teck Lee's suit to halt RCI.

Menteri persoal kenapa GPS bertegas mahu 6 perkataan dalam RUU

VK Liew berkata 6 perkataan yang dikehendaki GPS tidak pernah ada dalam pindaan 1963.

RUU pasti lulus kalau Putrajaya dengar suara Sabah, Sarawak, kata Nancy

Nancy Shukri berkata Menteri Liew Vui Keong sepatutnya mengambil kira seruan mereka kerana kerajaan perlukan majoriti 2/3.

RUU tak lulus sebab menteri tak buat ‘kerja rumah’, kata Umno

Umno berkata Menteri di JPM VK Liew tidak peka dengan sentimen ahli Parlimen pembangkang.

RUU tak lulus, Dr M tak salahkan wakil rakyat Sarawak

Perdana menteri berkata ahli Parlimen Sarawak berhak menolak mana-mana rang undang-undang.

Study ongoing on how Parliament can vet MACC, Suhakam appointments

PH’s election manifesto had stated that appointment of these commissioners will be done through a parliamentary committee.

Maklumat lama, kata kerajaan mengenai dakwaan terhadap Taib

Isi kandungan maklumat daripada Bruno Manser Fund dan Sarawak Report sama seperti siasatan yang dibuka sebelum ini.

No need for constitutional court, says minister

Law minister VK Liew turns down Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's proposal for a court to hear rights and legislation issues connected to the constitution.

Proposed laws not meant to expand immunity of royal institution, says...

De facto law minister VK Liew says they are meant to make existing laws 'clearer'.

Govt looking at replacing CLP with common bar course

Law Minister Liew Vui Keong says many students sitting for the Certificate of Legal Practice exam are unhappy and want the government to introduce a common bar course instead.

Cabinet approves 3 committees to revisit MA63, headed by Mahathir

All Sabah and Sarawak MPs will be included in the committees.

Bill to abolish death penalty may be tabled at next Parliament...

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Liew Vui Keong says Cabinet discussed issue today.

Minister denies abusing funds given by Najib to his former party

Former LDP president VK Liew says all transactions were accounted for but he would not know what happened after he was suspended from the party.

Musa’s son showed disrespect by not taking oath, says VK Liew

The de facto law minister says Sipitang MP Yamani Hafez Musa is being irresponsible by failing to take his oath as MP without valid reason.

Liew denies issuing fake MyKads

The de facto law minister slams 'false' report by a Sabah-based news portal.

Putrajaya confirms ex-deputy speaker Kiandee to lead PAC

De facto law minister Liew Vui Keong says the Cabinet has given the go-ahead for Ronald Kiandee to lead the PAC as Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has declined the offer.

Stand-alone law ministry, commission will help push reforms, says Bar

It says a full-fledged law ministry will function autonomously and be dedicated to the development of the legal sector.

Company didn’t fulfil contract to clean court complex, says minister

VK Liew says there is a fundamental breach of the contract and if need be, it must be terminated.

MA63 committee: Include experts, not politicians, Liew told

Sabah NGO PAN says the government must be properly advised on MA63 in order to fully implement it.

Liew demands immediate report on court toilet mess

VK Liew says it's unacceptable for judges and court staff having to clean up the workplace themselves.

Liew: Yamani hasn’t told us why he didn’t attend swearing-in ceremony

The de facto law minister issues reminder that MPs have six months from July 16 to be sworn in.

Kadazan headgear nothing to do with religion, says Leiking

The Penampang MP says the headgear he wore at the swearing-in ceremony is merely to show that he is from Sabah.