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Tag: Vladimir Putin

Russia, Saudi Arabia to ink US$700 mil deal on aircraft leasing

Rail, petrochemical agreements are also expected to be signed during Vladimir Putin's visit.

Netherlands, Australia ‘won’t rest’ until MH17 victims get justice

Nations pursuing criminal prosecutions for those responsible for downing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Greta mocks Putin’s ‘kind girl’ jibes on Twitter

Young activist changes bio to read 'a kind but poorly informed teenager'.

Duterte slams US for ‘acting like they know answers to our...

Philippine president says America ‘creates rules and norms for everyone’.

Putin: Tiada bukti Iran serang hab minyak Saudi

Putin menegaskan Presiden Iran Hassan Rouhani secara peribadi memberitahunya Tehran tidak ada kena-mengena dengan serangan itu.

No proof Iran behind Saudi attacks, says Putin

Russian president condemns practice of placing blame without investigating.

United Russia loses a third of seats in polls after protests

President Putin's United Russia party has lost a slew of seats in local elections, after the country's biggest protests in nearly 10 years.

Can’t rule out discussing MH17 with Putin, Dr M says

The prime minister says if the matter is brought up, he will have to discuss it.

Mahathir, Putin bincang perkukuh hubungan 2 hala

Mahathir dan Putin sebelum ini bertemu di luar sidang kemuncak Asia Tmur di Singapura tahun lepas.

Putin promises infrastructure investment in Mongolia

While the two countries have US$1.7 billion annually in two-way trade, around 95% of it is Mongolia buying oil from Russia.

Lawatan Dr M ke Rusia dijangka tingkatkan lagi hubungan

Rusia berminat untuk bekerjasama dengan Malaysia dalam perdagangan, teknikal ketenteraan serta bidang kemanusiaan, kata penganjur.

Putin urges new arms talks with US to avoid ‘chaos’

Moscow blames Washington for unilaterally ending the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty reached in 1987, signed back then by US president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Russian cops detain over 1,000 in crackdown against opposition

The protest demanding opposition members to contest in a local poll results in the rounding up of more than 1,000 people.

Russia’s Putin signs law suspending INF disarmament treaty

The United States move to pull out from the INF treaty prompts Vladimir Putin to sign a legislation suspending it for breaking the accord.

Russia completes its OPEC takeover with deal in Japan

OPEC has come a long way since it sought outside help to cut oil supplies in order to drain excess inventories. 

Russia determined to improve ties with US, says Putin

Vladimir Putin is doing his best to improve strained relations with the United States, particularly over the Ukrainian conflict and election meddling. 

Trump to Putin: Please don’t meddle in US elections

Trump jokingly tells Putin not to meddle in US elections as the pair were speaking to reporters.

EU leaders increase pressure on Russia over MH17

The EU piles fresh pressure on Russia, extending economic sanctions and demanding Moscow cooperate with a Dutch probe into the downing of flight MH17 that led to charges against four men.

Putin: MH17 probe shows ‘no proof’ of Russia’s guilt

Three Russians and a Ukrainian have been charged over the downing of the plane in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

American banker and Putin ally dealt in access and assets, emails...

A meeting between Vladimir Putin's closest friends and US officials took place after a banker secretly awards shareholding to Russia's Renaissance Capital.

Rusia tak cadang hantar tentera, bina pangkalan di Venezuela

Presiden Rusia, Vladimir Putin berkata, semua pihak berkepentingan perlu berkumpul di Venezuela yang berdepan kemelut politik.

Russia’s Putin to Britain: let’s turn a page on Skripal incident

Vladimir Putin wants relations with Britain improved after the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter to which London blames Moscow.

Xi Jinping in Russia to usher ‘new era’ of friendship

The visit comes five years after Moscow's annexation of Crimea in 2014 led to a serious rift with its Western partners.

Kremlin struggles to defuse protests in Putin heartland

'People are starting to feel they’re in a dead end and that’s when their patience snaps and people go onto the streets.'