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Simply serene São Miguel island, Azores

Sao Miguel island is of volcanic origin and is peppered with craters or calderas.

Falling in love with Faial Island, Azores

Faial is a lovely, picturesque island with rolling green pastures, lots of cows, and hedgerows filled with hydrangeas and other colourful blooms.

Indonesian volcano erupts near 3rd-biggest city

The volcano is located about 30 km north of Bandung, the capital of West Java province.

Italy’s Etna volcano erupts, closing two airports

A heavy emission of ash into the sky forced the closure of two airports in Sicily's second-biggest city of Catania.

Apollo moon rocks shed new light on Earth’s volcanoes

By examining samples from the moon, scientists are analysing how gravity affects the magma within rocky bodies billions of years ago.

Thousands flee erupting Papua New Guinea volcano

An erupting volcano in Papua New Guinea that has blanketed a town in ash forces around 5,000 people from their homes, officials say.

Papua New Guinea volcano spews ash, triggering eruption alert

Witnesses reported ash spewing out of the 2,334 metre summit, sending trails spanning high overhead. 

Indonesia cancels Bali flights after Mount Agung volcano erupts

The eruption of Mount Agung on Indonesia's resort island Bali prompts cancellations of flights both to and from the island.

Were dinosaurs killed off by asteroid or volcanoes? It’s complicated

Scientists say the story may not be quite that simple, and that massive volcanic eruptions over hundreds of thousands of years may have contributed to the dinosaurs' demise at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Indonesian tsunami volcano lost two-thirds of its height

The height of Anak Krakatoa has reduced to 110 meters from 338 meters.

Indonesia hikes danger level for deadly tsunami volcano

Authorities raised the crater's status to high alert, the 2nd-highest warning on the country's 4-point danger scale, while aviation officials ordered flights to be redirected away from the area.

Another tsunami could hit Indonesia, experts warn

The likelihood of further tsunamis in the Sunda Strait is said to remain high as the volcano has been destabilised.

Tsunami kills at least 222 in Indonesia after Krakatau eruption

With the exact cause of the disaster still unknown, authorities are wary of the risk of a recurrence.

Thousands evacuated as Guatemala volcano erupts, then stops

As the volcano's activity fell back to normal parameters, evacuees were asked for the sake of cautiousness to return home on Tuesday by bus.

Japan hikes volcanic warning level, prepares to evacuate island

Japan's Meteorological Agency said that volcanic earthquakes and sulfur emissions had increased at a peak on Kuchinoerabujima island.

More than 500 hikers evacuated from Indonesian volcano

543 hikers have been evacuated, only six people left to be rescued.

After Indonesian earthquake terror, hundreds trek down from volcano

The national park authority said that a key route to the peak of the 3,726-metre (12,224-foot) volcano had been cleared, and a helicopter was dropping supplies to others still picking their way to safety.

Hawaii’s Kilauea eruption could last years, geologists say

A change in lava flow direction would destroy more residential areas after at least 712 homes were torched and thousands of residents forced to evacuate since Kilauea began erupting on May 3.

Indonesia’s ‘child’ of Krakatoa spews ash and lava

Anak Krakatau -- a small volcanic island that emerged from the ocean a half-century after Krakatoa's deadly 1883 eruption -- has rumbled back to life in recent weeks, spitting flaming rocks and ash from its crater.

Official Guatemala volcano death toll rises to 121

Apart from the deaths, the eruption of Volcán de Fuego caused an estimated US$219 million worth of damage.

Volcanic lava ‘bomb’ injures 23 people on tour boat in Hawaii

The boat was able to return to its port in Hilo less than an hour later, and three of the injured were taken to a local hospital by ambulance

Ritual sacrifice draws crowds to Indonesia volcano

The sacrifices at Mount Bromo were part of the Yadnya Kasada festival.

Bali reopens airport after volcano eruption strands thousands of tourists

Ngurah Rai airport began operating around 2:30 pm local time (0730 GMT), about 12 hours after it closed in response to Mt. Agung belching smoke and ash.

Ash from erupting volcano shuts airport in Indonesia’s Bali

Mount Agung, in northeastern Bali, has erupted with various intensities since late last year and in December the airport was also closed for a period and thousands were evacuated closer to the volcano.