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Volvo cars recalls 507,000 vehicles as probe finds fire risk

Volvo's investigations identify that 'in very rare cases the plastic engine intake manifold may melt and deform.'

BMW’s biggest dealers to open Volvo showrooms this year

Volvo Cars sales in Malaysia have never been better with demand in the past 12 months being more than just impressive.

The enduring charm of the classic Volvo

The iconic Volvo P1800 that Roger Moore made famous in The Saint TV series along with its cousins the 120 and 122 still fascinate enthusiasts today.

Volvo’s electric plans charge ahead with battery deal

Swedish car-maker Volvo has signed long-term agreements with China's CATL and South Korea's LG Chem, in a major step towards pushing Volvo closer towards a fully electric automobile line.

Volvo Cars to slow speedy teens, drunk drivers with new fob,...

The bright orange Care Key will come as standard on all car models year 2021 and on.

Volvo XC90 T5: Still every bit a Volvo

This model keeps the XC90 simple and reveals that under all that bling, it’s still the best in its segment at this moment.

Volvo unveils driverless electric bus in Singapore

Volvo Buses and its partner Nanyang Technological University (NTU) says the buses would soon start trial runs in the university's campus.

Volvo’s Polestar joins electric car race with rival to Tesla 3

The Volvo the Polestar 2 will cost about US$68,100 for its launch edition and can be driven for around 275 miles before it needs recharging.

Volvo recalls 167,000 cars worldwide

Volvo just recalled its vehicles two weeks ago on potential fuel leaks in the engine department.

Whizzing through Los Angeles in the Volvo S60 T8 Polestar

Volvo has taken its racing division and turned its expertise towards clean energy vehicles, with added power of course.

Volvo’s self-driving car venture gets nod to test on Swedish roads

Volvo's Zenuity joint venture is striving to keep up with larger rivals in the race to develop self-driving vehicles.

Volvo recalls over 200,000 cars to fix fuel leak issue

About 219,000 cars of 11 different models produced in 2015 and 2016 had been affected.

Who’s superior: BMW’s X2, Mercedes’ GLA or Volvo’s XC40?

The X2 ticks all the right boxes and if one had to pick a negative, it's perhaps its rather high asking price.

Volvo’s all-electric semi-truck comes out of hiding in 2019

The VNR Electric will be the 3rd electric truck Volvo Trucks will have produced.

Test drive of the Volvo S60 T6 2019 in Santa Monica

Malaysian buyers will likely lean towards the Volvo S60, not just for its impressive performance but for its dynamic and aural delivery.

Volvo XC60: The T5 gets a test drive

Using the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, the new XC60 maintains beautiful proportions and expressive design on both the exterior and interior.

Volvo Cars seeks US tariff exemption for Chinese-made SUV

Volvo confirmed on Friday it has sought an exemption with the US Trade Representative's Office for the popular vehicle that accounted for nearly a third of its US sales in August.

China’s Geely puts brakes on Volvo Cars listing, trade war a...

Geely had been planning a public float that could have valued the Swedish carmaker at between $16 billion and $30 billion, a separate source familiar with the matter has said.

Toyota to invest $500 million in Uber for self-driving cars

The investment values Uber at US$72 billion, matching the valuation Uber received in a deal with Alphabet Inc self-driving unit Waymo this year.

China’s Geely sees minimal impact from US-China trade row

Southeast Asia is a key focus for the company, and said it would extend its existing partnership with Malaysia's Proton Holdings to upgrade help Proton establish a presence in China.

Third national car: Spot on about hook-up with LYNK & Co

Malaysia can be manufacturing hub for right-hand drive vehicles thereby enabling easy sales access to Asean, Australia and New Zealand.

The CX-9 best shows Mazda’s strengths

The vehicle is exceptionally well proportioned, has an interior with lots of design flair and nice materials, and is truly fun to drive.

Foreign automakers oppose Trump’s Nafta plan as US-Mexico talks resume

Foreign brands with smaller North American manufacturing footprints and fewer US research and development staff may have difficulty meeting more stringent content requirements.

Uber crash was not Volvo’s fault

It is best to continue the development of the self-drive car, while continuing to educate drivers on how to be more alert behind the wheel.