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Renault directors named by Nissan set to abstain on Fiat vote

Nissan is not up for a possible merge with Fiat Chrysler and are expected to abstain from a vote on the proposal.

Trump to formally announce re-election bid on June 18

Trump has always said he would run again in 2020 and has held multiple campaign rallies and has raised millions of dollars.

German state vote could threaten future of Merkel coalition

If the SPD loses Bremen to the conservative Christian Democrats, pressure will mount on party leader Andrea Nahles to stand down or break with the federal coalition.

India awaits results from world’s biggest election

Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi tells the people of India not to believe exit polls which points to a BJP win.

Jokowi wins second term as president

Amid fears about unrest and street demonstrations in response to the final count, the final tally was released early with little advance notice.

Violence flares in West Bengal as voting in Indian election ends

Police used batons to break up skirmishes between supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the regional Trinamool Congress party in Kankinara.

India’s Modi set to win election, exit polls show

According to a poll released by Times Now television Modi's alliance is likely to get 306 seats, a clear majority.

Austria’s President recommends parliamentary elections in early September

Van der Bellen says it was most important that Austrians were given the chance for a new start to rebuild trust in its government.

Fear of change: Negative politics wins Australia election

Opposition leader Bill Shorten's unpopularity and his struggle to explain the party's complex tax policies were used by Scott Morrison to devastating effect.

Modi meditates as India mega polls near end

Modi has special permission from the national poll watchdog for the trip as election rules prohibit any campaigning 48 hours before voting.

India’s Modi mocked for tech gaffes

The internet had a field day making fun of Modi's comments.

Indians vote in penultimate phase of seven-round general election

A lack of new jobs – despite annual economic growth of about 7% – and the plight of farmers struggling with falling crop prices have been major worries for voters.

S.Africa’s ANC poised for election victory but support ebbs

At the last election in 2014, the ANC won 62% of votes, the DA 22 percent and the EFF 6.

S.Africa waits for results after polls

Preliminary results of Wednesday's poll will emerge throughout the day, with an official winner declared on Saturday. 

South Africans vote in test for ruling ANC

The ANC has won all five previous elections, and is tipped to come out on top again albeit with a reduced majority.

Militants kill politician ahead of new round of India vote

The militants opened fire on Gul Mohammad Mir, 65, who headed a local unit of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), at his house.

Finns, tired of austerity, go to the polls

A record 1.5 million Finns, over a third of the electorate, had already cast their ballots during a week of advance voting earlier this month.

Erdogan’s AK Party to seek recount of all Istanbul votes

The AKP is reeling from its apparent loss of the mayoralties of Istanbul and the capital Ankara.

Struggling May puts stripped-down Brexit deal to a vote in parliament

The vote illustrates the depth of the three-year Brexit crisis that has left the country uncertain how, when or even if it will ever leave the EU.

May piles pressure on British lawmakers to back Brexit deal

May's authority hit an all-time low this week after a series of parliamentary defeats and rebellions.

Cuba votes in referendum on new constitution

More than 8 million Cubans are registered to vote in a referendum the government has turned into a plebiscite on the 'irrevocable' role of socialism in the island nation.

PH govt stable, public need not worry, says Gobind

The DAP deputy chairman rubbishes talk of a plot to move a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Embattled Aussie PM suffers historic defeat over refugees

It is the first time in decades that an Australian government has lost a vote on a substantive piece of legislation.

Ex-Starbucks CEO aims to oust Trump in 2020

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says that Trump is not qualified to be president.