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Canada’s Trudeau barely clings to power in nail-biting election

Prime minister’s Liberal Party will only form minority government as his golden boy image loses some of its shine.

Trudeau environment policy a letdown for young Canada activists

Canadian environmentalists view Trudeau's move as betrayal.

Thai government survives key test with budget vote

Defeat forces government to resign or dissolve parliament.

British PM fights threat of further delay in Brexit debate

PM Johnson needs a clear vote in favour of his deal to avoid triggering a law requiring him to ask the EU to delay Brexit for the third time.

Bangladesh elects first transgender councillor

Pinki Khatun wants to create an environment where ‘hijras’ can live honourably.

Youth power lifts Saied as new Tunisia president

New president thanks youths for ‘turning new page’.

Trudeau continues campaign after threats to his safety

Canada PM’s rival stresses threats against political leaders have no place in democracy.

Afghan voters brave violence as presidential election begins

Kandahar, Kabul, Ghazni and Jalalabad have all been hit by explosions to deter Afghan citizens from going out to vote.

Johnson defiant after bombshell court ruling

Boris Johnson challenges the opposition to call a confidence vote in his government, which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has declined.

Netanyahu tasked with forming new Israeli government

Benjamin Netanyahu says he will do everything in his power to establish a unity government with joint leadership.

Israel’s Lieberman says not backing Netanyahu or Gantz for PM

Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu party won eight seats in the 120-seat parliament, could play a role in determining who becomes Israel’s PM.

Trudeau resumes campaign as polls show damage from blackface photo

Survey polls suggest that the photos have impacted public opinion of Justin Trudeau.

Outgoing Speaker Bercow does not rule out second Brexit referendum

John Bercow says he is not sure if a second Brexit referendum will happen.

Netanyahu ‘played’ Trump with misinformation, says Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson says when in discussion with Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s always good to apply scepticism.

Netanyahu, Gantz in standoff over Israeli unity government

Benny Gantz made clear that he would have to be prime minister of a unity government.

UK govt schedules new vote for Monday on snap election

Boris Johnson’s government will take a second bite at trying to force an early general election.

Amnesty: Indonesia police beat protesters

Amnesty reports more protestors were beaten by the police during the protests.

Defying Trump, US senator moves toward vote to block Saudi arms...

Robert Menendez plans a vote to block a US$8 billion in military sales by the White House to Saudi Arabia and the UAE without consenting Congress.

Renault directors named by Nissan set to abstain on Fiat vote

Nissan is not up for a possible merge with Fiat Chrysler and are expected to abstain from a vote on the proposal.

Trump to formally announce re-election bid on June 18

Trump has always said he would run again in 2020 and has held multiple campaign rallies and has raised millions of dollars.

German state vote could threaten future of Merkel coalition

If the SPD loses Bremen to the conservative Christian Democrats, pressure will mount on party leader Andrea Nahles to stand down or break with the federal coalition.

India awaits results from world’s biggest election

Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi tells the people of India not to believe exit polls which points to a BJP win.

Jokowi wins second term as president

Amid fears about unrest and street demonstrations in response to the final count, the final tally was released early with little advance notice.

Violence flares in West Bengal as voting in Indian election ends

Police used batons to break up skirmishes between supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the regional Trinamool Congress party in Kankinara.