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Burger gergasi sempena pertabalan Maharaja Jepun hanya di Hotel Grand Hyatt...

Burger bersaiz sebiji bola sepak dihasilkan sebagai meraikannya pada harga RM3,682

Internet beef is taking advantage of not-so-hot supermarket meat

A growing segment is shifting to the internet to find more specialised meat products.

Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant: Bangsar has a new favourite

Come for some outstanding food executed with perfection from sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki to teriyaki, nabemoto and tempura.

US$150 per kilo Wagyu beef threatened by 9-cent China straw

Japan’s wagyu, known for its soft, fatty, marbled meat, are dependent on China for supplies of rice straw, an important part of the gourmet cattle’s high-calorie, high-protein diet.

J’s Gate Dining: 18 Japanese restaurants under one roof

Located at Level 4, Lot 10, this set-up centres around the concept of offering authentic Japanese cuisine and services.

Wagyu beef served only to 8 VVIPs, says Parliament

A spokesman says the luxurious dish was given free by the caterer to celebrate the appointment of the new speaker and denies claims that it was served to all MPs.