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Tag: Wahhabism

Anti-mufti protest in Perlis over fears of Salafism in mass sacking...

Protesters shout slogans condemning the abrupt termination of 25 imams, and challenged mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin to state the real reason.

Will Saudi Crown Prince reform Wahhabism in Europe?

Currently in Europe as part of a drive to woo the West, Mohammed bin Salman has recognised his country's association with Wahhabism is a problem and moved to impose a more open form of Islam.

‘Wahhabisation’ greater threat than Arabisation, says IRF chief

Dr Farouk Musa says the worst is yet to come in what he descibes as the Wahhabi onslaught, despite calls for openness coming from the Saudi elites.

Marina: Saudis to blame for Malaysia’s ‘Arabisation’, loss of local culture

Asia Times report also says Prime Minister Najib Razak is using his relationship with the Saudi Arabian royalty to boost his political standing among voters and hardline groups.

Putrajaya urged to keep sharp eye on students in Middle East

There's a lot of Wahhabi influence in educational institutions there, says Razak Baginda.

Saudi Arabia to vet use of Prophet’s sayings to counter extremism

King Salman issues decree for establishment of an authority to eliminate fake and extremist texts and any texts that contradict the teachings of Islam and justify the committing of crimes, murders and terrorist acts.

Mahathir: Saudis not suitable partner to fight terrorism

The former prime minister says anti-terror alliance must be with countries that are not involved in any war.

It’s a joke, US terror expert baffled by Saudi-led Putrajaya centre

Zachary Abuza says there is nothing moderate about the Saudis whose restrictive version of Islam is now a threat to Muslims in the region.

Saudi body involved in Putrajaya ‘peace centre’ linked to extremism

Flushed with Saudi petro-dollars, the Muslim World League has been closely linked to many of Wahhabism's more militant offshoots including the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and IS.

Belgian alarm over spread of Saudi-backed hardline Islam

The OCAM national crisis centre said the austere Sunni doctrine of Wahhabism preached in an increasing number of Belgian mosques was getting financial support from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

PKR: Anwar didn’t bring in Wahhabism

Islamisation was never an issue until recently, says former Abim president.

Malaysia bukan lagi obor Islam

Sarjana AS berpendapat amalan demokrasi di Malaysia sudah mundur

‘Malaysia no longer a torch for Islam’

An American scholar says the country has regressed in its democratic practice.

A ridiculous fatwa from Fathul Bari

It's absurd that he should tell Mastura Yazid to confine herself to her house just because she was recently widowed.