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Welcome to the Chinatown Walking Tour

This walking tour covers Chinese temples, Hindu temples, Central Market and quaint old cafes and clan association buildings, all steeped in history.

Stop work at 11am and exercise for 15 minutes daily, Dr...

The prime minister says the sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on the health of Malaysians, especially office workers, and that they must walk or move their bodies to stay healthy and live longer.

Breakthrough treatment helps paralysed patients walk

A breakthrough treatment involving electrical stimulation of the spine has enabled paralysed patients to walk again, apparently reactivating nerve connections and providing hope for people even years after accidents.

Neil Armstrong’s huge souvenir collection to be auctioned

Armstong's offspring found the treasures after he died in 2012, tucked away at his house or that of their mother, his ex-wife.

Mr Education Minister, consider moving from black shoe to shu

Among the most important lessons school children should be taught are discipline and the spirit of togetherness, and I hope the proposed review of the education system will address these.

When in Japan, walk

What better way to discover the softer, more adventurous and infinitely more picturesque side of Japan than to walk down its less-travelled paths?

‘God is with me’, ex-soldier tells wife before long walk to...

Nasri Mat Jusoh's wife says these were her husband's words of comfort before he began his walk from Kuantan to Putrajaya to protest the rise in cost of living.

Guan Eng takes a stroll amid arrest rumour

Laughing off talk of 'looming arrest' by the anti-graft agency, Penang CM takes 1km walk to back alley coffee shop, laments he should walk more.

Cyberjaya undergoing reboot

The city wants to attract more startups to create a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises to flourish and drive its economic growth.

Lawyer seeks walk for justice to protest Sosma abuse

Maria Chin's detention is a message by the powers that be to instil fear in the hearts of the Malaysian public, says the human rights lawyer.

Five tricks to burn 300 calories at the office

It's better to be active all week long than to end five sedentary days with a bout of physical activity at the weekend.