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US House strikes down Trump’s border emergency, now goes to Senate

The Democratic-controlled House strikes down the president's emergency declaration by a comfortable margin of 245-182, sending the measure to the Republican-held Senate.

Pelosi urges support for resolution to block border wall emergency

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro vows to introduce a resolution to terminate the president's move, backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

US House passes border security bill, sends to Trump

The US House of Representatives agrees to a bipartisan border security bill but not the US$5.7 billion President Donald Trump is seeking.

Trump vows emergency declaration to get wall

The Trump administration has suggested the use of national emergency powers to redirect money already committed by Congress for other purposes toward paying for the wall.

Trump says wall coming `one way or the other’ as lawmakers...

Trump says in a tweet that if Democrats didn’t give him all the wall money he’s demanded, he may use executive action to build it.

CBS Poll: Trump shouldn’t declare emergency to build border wall

A congressional committee is trying to reach an agreement on border security after the record 35-day government closing ended Jan 25.

Trump attacks top Democrat for rejecting Mexico wall deal

President Trump attacks top Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who rejected his offer of a deal on immigration in return for border wall funding as a "non-starter".

Trump threatens to use emergency power to build wall, end shutdown

Trump flew to the Texas border with Mexico to try to bolster his case for the border wall as a partial US government shutdown tied to the issue stretched into its 20th day with no sign of new talks to resolve the impasse.

Trump storms out of talks on shutdown, bemoans ‘total waste of...

Exasperated Democrats called Trump's behaviour a "temper tantrum" and said the meeting broke down when they refused to commit to funding his proposed southern border wall.

US detained over 50,000 illegal immigrants in December

The figures for the past three months have been the highest since a short-lived surge in 2014.

Trump wants more IPOs, but first, build the wall

Trump’s refusal to reopen the government unless Democratic lawmakers agree to fund a US-Mexico border wall has put a critical component of the pro-business agenda on hold.

Cornered Trump running out of options to end govt shutdown

The impasse has left 800,000 federal employees without pay.

Trump to demand wall on Mexico ‘crisis’ border in national TV...

The US president will lay out the 'real humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border'.

Trump ramps up Mexico wall row with speech, border visit

Invoking emergency powers will potentially be an alternative, allowing the US president to get around Congress's control of the budget.

Trump digs in on wall as shutdown enters 3rd week

The US president again warns he may invoke emergency powers to get a wall built without congressional approval.

Trump warns could force long-term shutdown over border wall

Describing the situation as a "national emergency," the president says he is also looking into ways to build the wall without congressional approval.

White House chief: Trump not building ‘wall’

The Democrats are refusing to provide billions for the president's border wall project.

Trump says build US-Mexico wall or he’ll seal border

Although there is a huge cross-border drug trade and immigrants often enter illegally, many do have genuine claims for asylum. 

Banksy gifts Welsh steel town a white Christmas attraction

The subversive artist confirmed on Instagram that the "Season's Greetings" mural on a breeze block garage wall was genuine.

US govt shuts down at midnight as House adjourns with no...

The absence of an elusive deal means federal funds for dozens of agencies will lapse at midnight.

US Supreme Court turns away challenge to Trump’s border wall

The US Supreme Court rejected 3 conservation groups' claims that the administration had pursued border wall projects without complying with applicable environmental laws.

Trump border wall going up in Texas

The new section will replace existing fencing along the boundary between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

What’s in a wall?

It is the investors' prerogative to build the wall around MCKIP, but this does not mean they can do whatever they like behind it.

Israel builds a new wall with Hezbollah in mind

Israel has spent years building barriers to keep out Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as African migrants crossing from Egypt.