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Tag: Wan Azizah

Disabled activists slam Wan Azizah, Yeoh for not meeting them

The activists say the women, family and community development ministry has failed them, saying the previous government treated them better.

Sandakan win shows PH still has people’s support, says Wan Azizah

The deputy PM says this disproved PH's critics who said the coalition was losing support.

Govt to appoint Suhakam commissioner for children

The commissioner will act as a check and balance in handling issues related to children by the government and NGOs.

Overlap in TVET training needs attention, says Wan Azizah

She says at the moment, six ministries are involved in such training.

Federal govt to work with Sabah to deal with stateless children...

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says the government has the platform to address this issue through the Sabah Foreigners Management Committee.

Kerajaan pelawa francaisor asing jadikan Malaysia hab serantau

Faktor persekitaran dan kerajaan yang mesra perniagaan seharusnya dapat meyakinkan francaisor asing.

Wan Azizah: We’ll look into salaries of grads in govt service

Deputy PM says the federal government will take note of Bank Negara's report showing the falling value of starting salaries.

Cabinet will decide whether CEP report should be revealed, says Wan...

She says she will talk to the prime minister on this matter after 50 NGOs urge report to be released.

Food bank benefits 45,500 poor households

Among the hypermarkets and supermarkets involved in the programme are Tesco, Econsave, The Store, NSK and SEGI.

Do not dismiss Nurul Izzah’s views, says Wan Azizah

The deputy prime minister says Nurul Izzah’s views should not be dismissed as even the prime minister appears to agree with her.

Give us more details, DPM says on study showing 80% teens...

Dr Wan Azizah says a 2014 study showed only 35% of those aged 13 to 24 were exposed to porn via the internet, smartphones and DVDs.

French politicians admit campaign against palm oil baseless, says DPM

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says French MPs were also shocked to learn that Malaysia still has more than 53% forest area.

Our hands are tied, give us time, says Anwar on Semenyih...

The PKR president says that given time, the people will understand why the government is taking long to carry out certain measures.

Lower inflation shows Pakatan can revive economy, says DPM

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says measures implemented by the government in the past nine months have begun to show results.

TPM: 47 tahanan Malaysia di Kemboja pulang esok

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail berkata semua mereka dijangka sampai esok pada 10.30 pagi.

Wan Azizah: FB post of me in hospital is malicious

FB user uploads photo of DPM with the caption: 'After Azmin Ali was admitted to hospital, it is now Wan Azizah Ismail's turn.'

Pejabat TPM nafi Wan Azizah dimasukkan ke hospital

Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail bimbang dengan peningkatan catatan palsu di media sosial, terutama mengenai kerajaaan.

Dr M rubbishes talk of Cabinet reshuffle

I stand by my Cabinet members, says Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad following speculation of a reshuffle after the Chinese New Year.

Wan Azizah: What Cabinet reshuffle?

She says this when asked to comment on a blog post claiming that Azmin will be made deputy PM.

Wan Azizah: More women needed on board of public listed companies

The deputy prime minister says Malaysian women make up only 19% of board members in companies with a market capitalisation of RM2 billion or more.

Putrajaya seeks new market to boost palm oil sales

Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok is also trying to change the perception of those who consider palm oil an inferior product.

TPM: PH kalah di Cameron Highlands kerana pengundi anggap kami pembangkang

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail berkata, persepsi itu antara punca calon PH, M Manogaran ditolak pengundi Cameron Highlands buat kali ke-3 berturut-turut.

After speech controversy, MCMC distances itself from XiddiG’s internet project

It says XiddiG was given a license under the Communications and Multimedia Act but it doesn't amount to an endorsement.

Guna aset kerajaan untuk kempen tetap dihukum, kata Wan Azizah

Timbalan perdana menteri berkata perkara tersebut sudah jelas dan selaras dengan dasar Pakatan Harapan.