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NGO: Polis ambil keterangan Siti Hasmah kemenangan buat wanita

Pertubuhan Pembangunan Kendiri Wanita dan Gadis berkata, tindakan polis mengambil keterangan Siti Hasmah menunjukkan suara wanita siginifikan dan penting.

‘NUJ patut kecam ahli politik, bukan salahkan mangsa gangguan seksual’

Pertubuhan Pertolongan Wanita (WAO) berkata, undang-undang sedia ada hanya untuk menangani gangguan seksual di tempat kerja.

Pakatan praised for its nod to women

Empower and WAO note PH's call for more female political leaders and its naming of Wan Azizah as its DPM-designate.

‘Tina’s Journey’, a voice for domestic violence survivors

The book is the result of author Bernice Chauly’s two-year creative writing workshops with domestic violence victims.

WAO kecam iklan kecantikan papar penderaan ke atas wanita

Sebuah kumpulan wanita berkata ia memberi tanggapan salah mengenai penderaan rumah tangga.

WAO slams Slimme White ad on domestic abuse victim

Women's Aid Organisation says women need respect and equality, not a beauty product that promises fair skin and a flat tummy.

Why human trafficking victims stay silent

Many of them face language barriers and are afraid of the authorities while others are threatened with deportation or harm to their family members back home.

How the govt, NGOs and public can act against human trafficking

Legislation regarding the rights of migrant workers should be enforced, NGOs should advocate the rights of trafficked victims, and the general public should practise simple human decency.

What to do if you think someone you know is being...

As a community, we need to learn how to recognise the signs of someone who has been trafficked, and how to take action to help.

How the sex industry is fuelling human trafficking globally

Women and girls are particularly vulnerable to this trade, although there has also been increasing reports of children including young boys being trafficked as prostitutes.

Male domestic abuse victims require attention too

Most men are still hesitant to come forward and report their suffering at the hands of their wives.

‘A wife’s body is her own’

Setiu MP gets flak for saying women are being abusive when they won't have sex with their husbands.

Blame lack of sex education for babies being dumped

Education ministry must implement comprehensive sex education for youths to learn more about their bodies, says child rights activist.

Domestic abuse: Public caning not the answer

Lawyer-activist says it is more important to teach men that violence shows a lack of self-control, while women's group says public caning violates human rights.

WAO: 800,000 abused women in Malaysia, not enough shelters

NGO chief wants government to establish more domestic violence shelters and allocate more funds for their management.

Skirt issue: Probe focussed on wrong incident, says lawyer

Meera Samanther says probe focussed on first checkpoint, that was a 'non-issue', and not second checkpoint where length of skirt was an issue.

Report: Woman wasn’t denied entry at Parliament because of skirt

Senior Parliament official says CCTV footage confirms security officers did not stop WAO staff over dress code, but because she was not on any MP's guest list.

TINA, a friend in need for abused women

The text-based aid service can converse in both English and Malay, and is available 24 hours a day.

WAO: Why criminalising marital rape is important

WAO executive director says Penal Code must be amended to include the crime of marital rape, otherwise women who are raped by their husbands will stay silent.

Kok’s talk on marital rape law misses the point, says WAO

Women’s aid group says new law not needed to criminalise marital rape, only an amendment to the existing law that gives husbands 'permission' to rape their wives.

Mengapa sukar jadikan ‘rogol dalam perkahwinan’ sebagai jenayah

Ahli Parlimen Seputeh berkata itu sebabnya Kanun Keseksaan meliputi perbuatan itu sebagai kesalahan suami mencederakan isteri dengan tujuan melakukan seks.

Rogol dalam perkahwinan itu jenayah, kata WAO

NGO itu mendesak kerajaan meminda Akta Imigresen kerana undang-undang sedia ada menyebabkan isteri warga asing kepada rakyat Malaysia terdedah kepada keganasan rumah tangga.

WAO repeats call to criminalise marital rape

NGO urges government to amend Immigration Act as current law makes foreign wives of Malaysians vulnerable to domestic violence and difficult to escape abusive situations.

Anak nampak bapa mereka dera saya

Seorang warga Indonesia berkongsi kisah sedih bagaimana dia didera suaminya, rakyat Malaysia secara fizikal dan psikologi.