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Tag: war crimes

Kosovo’s PM quits after being called to Hague war crimes court

Haradinaj, a former guerrilla commander, has always denied any wrongdoing and says he is ready to face any accusations.

South Korea dissolves Japan compensation fund as tempers flare

South Korea formally dissolves a Japanese-backed World War II foundation meant to resolve a dispute over women who were trafficked to Japanese Imperial Army brothels across Asia.

Trump ‘glad to help’ Navy SEAL acquitted of murder

US President Donald Trump congratulates Navy Seal Edward Gallagher for being acquitted of murder charges in a war crimes trial.

US Navy SEAL found not guilty of murder in war crimes...

A decorated US Navy SEAL is found not guilty of murdering a captive teenage militant in Iraq, the most serious of the charges brought against him during a two-week war crimes trial.

Iraqi general disputes murder accusation against Navy SEAL

Edward Gallagher is charged with committing premeditated murder of an Iraqi prisoner brought to his unit for medical treatment.

Trump confirms considering pardons in US war crimes cases

US President Donald Trump is considering pardons for several military servicemen accused or convicted of war crimes, though critics say it would be an abuse of the powers afforded him under the US Constitution.

ICC rejects investigation on war crimes in Afghanistan

A decade was spent examining alleged war crimes in Afghanistan by ICC prosecutors, all to have it rejected.

Students leak ‘memo to Rulers’ that derailed Rome Statute

In a Facebook posting, six activists protest against the 10-page document and launch a petition for the Rome Statute to be ratified.

UN probe accuses Israel of possible crimes against humanity

Investigators specify there are reasonable grounds to believe Israeli troops killed and injured Palestinians 'who were neither directly participating in hostilities, nor posing an imminent threat'.

Largest IS mass grave yet found outside Syria’s Raqa

Forensic expert estimates about 2,500-3,000 bodies are buried in the mass grave filled with victims of IS.

Ivory Coast ex-strongman Gbagbo in shock ICC acquittal

The ICC has faced serious difficulties in trying top politicians for crimes committed by subordinates or followers - most of them in Africa.

Justice at last for Kosovo’s ‘2nd-class victims’?

While leaders on the Serbian side have been judged and sentenced by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, no KLA leaders have been sentenced.

France to transfer African football chief to war crimes tribunal

The ICC issued a warrant in December for Ngaissona for allegedly coordinating anti-Balaka militias.

Saudi Arabia, allies slam ‘biased’ UN resolution on Yemen

It comes after the UN Human Rights Council voted to extend an international probe of alleged war crimes committed in Yemen.

Saudi-led coalition criticises UN Yemen rights mission

The coalition said any extension should be a matter for the Yemeni government, which already announced on Thursday that it was ending cooperation with the UN investigation into suspected war crimes during more than three years of conflict.

HRW: Saudi trying to quash Yemen war crimes probe

A resolution led by a group of European countries and Canada calls for a one-year extension of the inquiry that reported evidence of possible war crimes by all sides in Yemen, including the Saudi-led coalition.

International court says it is undeterred after Bolton threatens US sanctions

Bolton said on Monday that if such an investigation was launched, the Trump administration would consider banning ICC judges and prosecutors from entering the United States.

Trump administration to take tough stance against International Criminal Court

Bolton's draft speech says the Trump administration will fight back if the ICC proceeds to investigate alleged war crimes committed by US service members and intelligence professionals during the war in Afghanistan.

China hosts African leaders amid aid criticism

Nations across Africa are hoping that China's enthusiasm for infrastructure investment will help promote industrialisation in their countries.

US: UN’s Yemen war crimes report worrisome

UN investigators said that all sides in Yemen's conflict may have committed war crimes, highlighting deadly air strikes, rampant sexual violence and the recruitment of young children as soldiers.

HRW: inadequate sentences for Congo peacekeepers guilty of murder

A court in Brazzaville sentenced each of the soldiers in April for the killings of 11 civilians in 2014 while serving in an African Union peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic.

Both sides committed war crimes during siege of Syria’s Ghouta –...

Syrian government troops and affiliated forces committed war crimes and a crime against humanity in their long siege of eastern Ghouta through heavy bombardment and "deliberately starving" 265,000 people.

Congo’s Bemba ordered released after war crimes acquittal

Appeals judges said they could not pin responsibility on Bemba for crimes committed by soldiers under his command.

Congolese warlord faces verdict in war crimes appeal

Former Congolese Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba has appealed an 18-year sentence for war crimes committed by his private army in the Central African Republic.