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S. Korea PM set for first Japan visit since trade spat

Lee Nak-yon to attend Emperor Naruhito's enthronement ceremony.

Partial US-China trade deal only ‘baby step’ as thorny issues remain

It will take weeks to finalise and details of deal are not clear.

US holds off China tariff increase after agreeing to deal

Observers say deal is underwhelming.

All smiles as US-China trade talks end with hope of limited...

We had a very, very good negotiation with China, says Donald Trump.

Yemen to be world’s poorest if war continues, says UN

Poverty has jumped from 47% in 2014 to a projected 75% by the end of this year.

Tense atmosphere dims hopes for US-China deal

Blacklisting of Chinese companies could deepen divisions between Washington and Beijing.

China September factory activity shrinks for fifth month

China's manufacturing sector has done poorly in recent months due to weak domestic demand and higher trade tariffs.

US Treasury says no plans to block Chinese listings ‘at this time’

Administration officials for weeks have been examining their options on how to limit US investors’ portfolio flow into China.

China tells UN tariffs could plunge world into recession

Wang's remarks coincided with word the Trump administration is considering radical new financial pressure tactics on Beijing.

China’s top diplomat says Beijing willing to buy more US products

China says if both sides can take more enthusiastic measures, reduce pessimistic language and actions, the talks will yield results.

US, Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks

Japan and the US will tackle automotive tariffs in a later round of negotiations.

Pompeo says US mission is to avoid war with Iran

Mike Pompeo says Washington is taking measures to deter Iran, but added Donald Trump would take necessary action if Tehran failed to change its behaviour.

Saudi Arabia deems attacks act of war if launched from Iran

Saudi Arabia is keen on a peaceful resolution to Iran’s aggressive policies.

Iran envoy won’t rule out war

But Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif confident his country will not start one.

Profiting from trade war, China fund jumps 54% in first year

Xu Xiaoyong’s bet that domestic tech companies will see more demand from larger companies as a result of the trade war has led to huge returns for his fund.

29 bodies found in plastic bags in Mexico mass grave

Experts have been working to establish how many victims are in the mass grave since it was discovered earlier this month.

Blast rocks Afghan presidential rally, kills 24

Suicide bomber on motorbike detonated at first checkpoint leading to rally for Ashraf Ghani.

The big business of classic TV for streaming giants

As online video platforms jockey for position with new rivals for audience share, classic television series are commanding hefty sums.

Saudi allies fighting each other hands Yemen initiative to Iran

Persuading the Houthis ending the conflict represents their best shot at international acceptance could bolster an embryonic peace process.

Poland marks 80th anniversary of start of World War 2

Few places saw death and destruction on the scale of Poland where it lost about a fifth of its population.

Paris marks 75 years since liberation with Freedom Parade

Parisians put up a spectacular 'Freedom Parade' to celebrate the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation during World War 2.

New round of US-Taliban talks opens in Doha

The US, which invaded Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban in 2001, wants to withdraw thousands of troops and is hoping for a breakthrough.

Turkish artist goes viral with stark misery and comfort images

'I only interpret the images in a different way. I try to find the value and meaning of the photos that I see in the news and add the message I want to give to the world,' says Gallenkus.

China’s defence minister: War with US would be a disaster

China will ‘fight to the end’ if the United States wanted to fight on trade issues but willing to keep the door open for talks.