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Tag: waste management

Why are we so far behind in waste management?

The current system does not encourage the separation of rubbish at its source as it makes no difference to the people who operate the system or the collectors and landfill operators.

Thailand to ban imports of high-tech trash, plastic waste

Southeast Asia nations fear they are the new dumping ground for the world's trash after China banned the entry of several types of waste as part of a campaign against "foreign garbage".

China’s environment ministry approves new plan to tackle rural pollution

China is in the fifth year of a "war on pollution" designed to reverse damage caused by decades of untrammelled economic growth.

Food waste awareness high but action sadly lacking

Waste management specialist says halal and haram issue also comes into play when dealing with the treatment of food waste in Malaysia.

Expert: Learn how Japan doesn’t rely on foreign workers

Waste management expert Dr Theng Lee Chong says Hong Kong and Vietnam do not either although the case is different in Malaysia.