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Environmental NGO questions Putrajaya’s requirements for Lynas

Sahabat Alam Malaysia also asks where the rare earths company will build its permanent disposal facility for its waste.

Indonesian village banks on waste recycling

Indonesia's crackdown on imported foreign waste upsets the villagers of Bangun, who claim they earn more money sorting through piles of garbage than growing rice.

Kuantan MP slams renewal of Lynas licence

Fuziah Salleh says Kuantan citizens will be exposed to radioactive waste for another four years until a cracking and leaching facility is built outside Malaysia.

Rethink the ‘buy and throw’ mindset

Consumers can bring about huge changes and influence even the big companies to do more about protecting the environment.

Australia agrees to ban exporting recyclable waste

State and federal governments agree at a conference to draw up a timeline for developing their own recycling capabilities.

Dumping waste in disused mines akin to killing rape victim, says...

Wong Tack, a vocal critic of Lynas, hits out at the suggestion for disused mines to be utilised to manage waste.

Say no to incinerators, CAP tells Penang

Even developed countries don’t use incinerators anymore due to pollution concerns, says consumer group.

Sri Lanka raises stink over waste consignments from Britain

About 180 countries reached a deal in May to amend the Basel Convention to make global trade in plastic waste more transparent and better regulated.

Cambodia probes Chinese firm over illegal waste imports

Cambodian authorities say they would send the waste back to its stated countries of origin – the United States and Canada.

Going biological for a better way to deal with waste

Malaysian Nature Society says it may cost more but would solve many problems with land, transport, maintenance and health.

Shanghai leads battle against China’s rising mountain of trash

Shanghai launches China's 'most ambitious' garbage separation and recycling programme as the country confronts a growing heap of trash.

Spike in respiratory illness, diarrhoea worry residents near illegal dump

KinraraMas residents want waste to be removed as stench and leachate is causing them to fall ill.

Lynas go-ahead ‘biggest betrayal yet’ by PH, says Suaram

Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong asks whether this is a unilateral decision by Dr Mahathir Mohamad or a Cabinet decision.

Get on board with waste-to-energy plants, Zuraida urges critics

The housing and local government minister says such plants are needed to clean up the accumulated rubbish in the country

Lynas refutes rep’s claim that it has broken law on waste...

It says a government review committee has found the company has abided by storage regulations.

Cell phone ‘Tower of Babel’ highlights China e-waste problem

The phones were rigged to a metal frame and synchronised so their screens would flash in various colours.

No wonder Perak remains second poorest state in country

PM must stop Perak from wasting money and industrial land on new aerospace project in Manjung.

Mount surprise checks to keep Sabah rivers clean, say green groups

They should focus on the many oil palm mills along the Kinabatangan River in Sabah’s east coast and fuel stations, they say.

Penang to come down hard on landowners allowing illegal waste dumping

State executive councillor says will act against owner of BM site where okra powder had been dumped, despite previous action against the same owner, and others who disregard the law.

No worry, just bags of okra powder from China at Bkt...

The Department of Environment says there is no imminent risk to the people or environment, although an NGO feels otherwise.

Time for excuses over, Kuantan MP tells Lynas

Fuziah Salleh says the Australian rare earths company should not delay or put up a 'show' to mislead the people.

Residents up in arms over chemical waste dumping

Residents want the culprit nabbed over the "thoughtless deed" which sent many to hopsital.

Stop producing new residue, MP tells Lynas

Any fresh waste will complicate efforts to remove the existing residue, says Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh.

War declared on world’s growing e-waste crisis

In Davos this week, UN, WEF and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development began the first global call to action to go against e-waste.