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Tag: Water

Wang Kelian camps possibly run by different syndicates, RCI told

VAT69 group commander says the camps had different characteristics.

Thirsty Singapore taps into innovation to secure its water future

Singapore is the fifth most likely country in the world to face extremely high water stress by 2040.

Iraqis turn to budding ecotourism to save marshes

Straddling Iraq's famous Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Mesopotamian marshes are a rare aquatic ecosystem in a country nearly half of which is covered in cracked desert.

Negligent Pan Borneo highway contractors in Sabah face the sack

They have broken water pipes, disrupting supply to residents nearby.

Orang Asli get water scare after quarry opens in forest reserve

They hope the authorities will prevent quarries operating in forest reserves.

SPAN probes burst pipes that cut water supply to 800,000 in...

Three water pipes burst at the Banting-Taiping West Coast Expressway construction site last Saturday.

Sabah govt must apologise to Sabahans for water woes, says SAPP

SAPP Supreme Council member John Stephens says government can no longer use the dry weather as an excuse as it had been raining almost daily.

What’s your plan to resolve water woes in Johor, ex-MB asks...

Khaled Nordin says Johor needs a 'radical and comprehensive' action plan to resolve water issues.

Perak asks SPAN to reopen water plant closed due to...

This follows green light from health ministry that the water could be used for bathing and washing clothes although it is not fit for consumption.

Water supply in affected areas in Klang Valley almost fully restored

This is earlier than the 86 hours earlier anticipated to restore supply after completion of scheduled maintenance work at the Sungai Selangor Water Treatment Plant.

Half of affected areas in Klang Valley get back water supply

The water supply disruption, which began on Wednesday, affects 577 areas and was earlier estimated to take up to 86 hours to return to normal conditions..

Penang alarmed over extensive logging in Kedah affecting water supply

Penang Water Supply Corporation calls on Putrajaya to protect the greater Ulu Muda area from further destruction following reports that logging is going on near dams and catchment areas.

Equipment replacement work at Selangor water treatment plant completed

However, water restoration to 4 million people in Klang Valley will take another 3 days, depending on the location.

Dry taps for 4 million in KL, Selangor on April 24

The water disruption, caused by upgrading work on the electrical supply system at a treatment plant, is expected to last 86 hours.

Thai new year splashes in with water fights, raves

Thais and foreigners sporting floral shirts arm themselves with colourful water pistols and protective goggles, engaging in water fights that bring entire streets to a standstill.

Dry taps at Sabah teachers’ quarters over unpaid water bill

Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Peter Anthony says the Water Department had no choice as the education office owes it RM700,000.

Sabah govt confusing people on water supply issue, says former CM

Yong Teck Lee also says the state government is using the dry spell to justify its decision to build a mega dam in Papar.

SPAN aims to flush out corruption in water, sewerage industries

National Water Services Commission chairman says new-anti corruption policy intends to prevent a repeat of water corruption scandals like those in Sabah and Pahang.

England faces ‘jaws of death’ as taps set to run dry...

Some of Britain's rivers will halve in volume by 2050, causing water deficits in many parts of the country, particularly the heavily-populated southeast.

Desperate Venezuelans swarm sewage drains in search of water

The lack of water has become one of the most excruciating side effects of the nationwide blackout.

Set up select panel to probe water supply, environment issues, DAP...

A party leader says he has submitted a petition to the state assembly speaker.

Water rationing if dry spell continues in Perlis

Public advised to use water prudently for the next one month.

Sabah opposition fears typhoid cases linked to bad water after contracts...

Richard Yong accuses the Warisan-led government of ignoring consumers in terminating the contracts of water treatment concessionaires.

Putrajaya allocates RM1.1 bil for development of rural Sabah

Some villages in the Pitas district still have no access to electricity and clean water, says deputy minister R Sivarasa.