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Tag: Waterfall

Uprooted tree kills 2 campers at Bentong’s Lata Hammer waterfall

The victims were among 25 friends who had gone there for a weekend trip.

Lambir Hills: Pristine national park with great waterfalls

This national park in Sarawak is thought to be one of the world’s most diverse and species-rich with 1,200 species of trees and over 237 species of birds.

Quirky trivia about Malaysia

From nature's wonders to famous desserts and personalities, these little snippets of trivia make for interesting table talk.

Gunung Stong State Park: Adventurers’ paradise

The State Park is classified as a high conservation value forest and is surrounded by other forest reserves.

Apeh Waterfall: A long hike up but worth the effort

Be ready to hike for at least four hours on this challenging hill slope located in the Cheras area.

The beautiful waterfalls of Batang Kali

Getting to the waterfalls near the Hulu Tamu Hot Springs involves a fair bit of jungle trekking and wading across rivers.

Railway station and waterfall in beautiful Shifen, Taiwan

Once a coal mining area, Shifen has been transformed into a popular tourist attraction that is home to Taiwan’s largest cascade fall.

Top 10 hiking trails near KL

Rankings are based on overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the hikes, taking into account difficulty, scenic views, jungle experience and accessibility.

Penang govt says Botanic Gardens will remain free to all

State government however remains coy over claims that a cable car station will be built there.

Local emergency response teams a must at waterfalls

Safety activist says these teams could also look into safety, health and environmental issues at waterfalls.

Pak Lah’s waterfall, once crystal-clear, now dirty and polluted

Residents lament lack of care and conservation as popular family picnic spot turns into a dump site and haven for foreigners and drug addicts.

Beware of leptospirosis when picnicking, warns MoH

Deputy director-general of the Ministry of Health says two people have already died of the disease in the last two months.