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Tag: Waytha Moorthy

Waytha saman Lokman dakwa palsukan laporan bedah siasat Adib

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri itu berkata, Lokman Noor Adam mendakwa beliau antara anggota Kabinet yang meminta laporan bedah siasat anggota bomba itu diubah dalam satu perhimpunan pada 4 Januari lalu.

Waytha sues Umno’s Lokman over claims of forged post-mortem report for...

The minister in the PM's Department says Lokman Noor Adam meant to humiliate and instigate public hatred against him.

Waytha nafi cakap pada portal berita isu khat di sekolah Tamil

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri itu menyifatkan laporan Malaysiakini sebagai 'palsu' dan 'berniat jahat'.

Waytha denies speaking about khat in Tamil schools

The minister says he never spoke with Malaysiakini or any of its reporters or journalists on the matter, but Malaysiakini says a statement in Tamil was sent by email.

Unrealistic to teach khat in Tamil schools, says Waytha

Minister says the government should instead focus on other issues such as unemployment among graduates.

Waytha Moorthy must not betray PH

The minister needs to be transparent over the RM100 million allocation for the Indian poor not just to the government or the prime minister but also to the community.

Minister hopes govt will recognise ‘religion’ of Orang Asli

P Waytha Moorthy says, however, that it is a sensitive issue that needs to be discussed carefully.

Don’t side with loggers when confronting Orang Asli, Waytha tells cops

The minister urges them to be sympathetic to the plight of Orang Asli putting up blockades against logging.

MAP or no map for Indian community

Why Waytha Moorthy didn’t retain ‘Hindraf’ in the new political party will remain a tragedy and concern for Indians.

Waytha akan jumpa Dzulkefly berhubung Orang Asli diberi ubat perancang

P Waytha Moorthy berkata terdapat jurang komunikasi antara pegawai kesihatan kerajaan dan Orang Asli berhubung pengambilan ubat perancang.

Waytha to meet with health minister over birth control medication for...

The minister in the Prime Minister's Department says having children is a 'deeply personal decision'.

Waytha upbeat on PH effort to solve Indian woes

He says the government is mapping out a five-year plan.

Waytha forms task force to chart strategies for Indians under 12th...

The minister in the Prime Minister’s Department invites economists, academics and others keen to help work out policies for the community to contact his office.

Govt to ensure no Orang Asli left behind in education, says...

The minister attributes the issue to a lack of motivation among students.

Waytha dikejar ke klinik selepas bertugas di kampung Orang Asli

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri itu tidak hadir di mesyuarat mingguan jemaah menteri hari ini.

Waytha rushed to clinic after spending days at Orang Asli settlement

The minister in the Prime Minister's Department was absent from the weekly Cabinet meeting today.

Menteri nafi rancangan pindahkan Orang Asli Kuala Koh

P Waytha Moorthy berkata, perkara itu tidak pernah dibangkitkan melalui media atau dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat Jakoa.

Waytha denies plans to move Orang Asli villagers

The minister says the subject was never brought up in the press or discussed at any Jakoa meeting.

4 more Orang Asli bodies found, bringing total to 8

Recovery team enters tough terrain to look for burial sites.

Lift foreign worker ban, say Indian Muslims

Jewellery shops and F&B outlets affected by lack of workers, says community leader.

Hindraf minta perlindungan tambahan bagi Waytha selepas ancaman pengganas

Hindraf berkata suspek yang ditahan awal bulan ini mempunyai niat untuk membunuh beberapa personaliti berprofil tinggi.

Hindraf wants additional security for Waytha Moorthy

This comes in the wake of the arrest of four terror suspects said to be planning attacks on non-Muslim places of worship and assassinations.

Society being split by design, not coincidence, says Waytha

The minister says certain quarters are playing up racial and religious issues, and making unsubstantiated claims that their way of life and beliefs are under threat.

Need to inform citizens about Rulers and Constitution, says minister

P Waytha Moorthy says outreach programmes must be improved so that people are informed about constitutional provisions.