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Dwayne Johnson returns to top of Forbes best-paid actor list

Dwayne Johnson reclaims top spot after placing second in the past two years.

7 tips to balance your health account

Treat your health as you would your wealth. It is far more precious.

Why so afraid to declare your wealth, Anwar asks PAS

The PKR president responds to PAS leaders' criticism of the move to compel MPs to declare assets.

Declaring wealth will create jealousy, says PAS citing hadith

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man says the party will not support the special motion to compel MPs to declare their wealth.

Financially speaking, what counts as success?

Financial success is not necessarily restricted to being a multi-millionaire.

Khairy defends Tok Mat’s wealth as Rantau campaign heats up

The former Umno Youth chief says Mohamad Hasan was a corporate figure before becoming a politician.

HSBC chases Asia’s wealthiest with new ultra-high net worth team

The London-based bank is building an ultra-high-net-worth team in Asia for clients with assets of about US$30 million or more.

Zuckerberg vaults to No.5 in wealth ranking as Facebook surges

Shares of Facebook surged 11% to US$166.69, the biggest 1-day gain in 3 years.

More than US$125 billion awaits Asia heirs

The world's richest people are some of the oldest with one of the most concentrated transfers of wealth in history.

Billionaire grandpas give way to generation of women

Daughters are being groomed for leadership at conglomerates created by some of Hong Kong’s wealthiest patriarchs.

Show off and we’ll show up, says taxman

The Inland Revenue Board warns taxpayers that it is keeping tabs on display of unexplained wealth on social media.

China’s rich brace for tax raid on US$24 trillion wealth pile

Anxiety over how the new rules will be enforced has already triggered a flood of Chinese clients seeking to create overseas trusts.

Jay-Z makes Forbes list of America’s wealthiest celebrities, 2018

Here is the list of America's wealthiest celebrities.

Asia’s richest take hit with US$137 billion in losses in 2018

The 128 people in Asia with enough money to crack the 500-member Bloomberg Billionaires Index lost a combined US$137 billion in 2018.

Better wealth distribution sorely needed

As the rich get even richer, faster, it is time for ordinary folk to get wise on financial investments and the opportunities it presents.

3 things I wish I’d known about money a long time...

Understand appreciation versus depreciation, the power of compounding, and the effect money has on your life.

When the rich and powerful aren’t really interested in the people

Can the new administration withstand the corrupting onslaught of the rich?

MTUC: Make higher education free, cap affordable housing at RM100,000

Its secretary-general J Solomon says under Budget 2019, the new government should focus on wealth redistribution so that the B40 and M40 groups benefit.

Creating the perfect balance between health and wealth

As in many things in life, it comes down to balance because too much or too little of anything can be detrimental to your financial and physical health.

Book Review: The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar

Get some eye-opening thoughts on how to make money, watch it grow and spend it in fulfilling ways.

Credit Suisse heralds calmer years ahead as overhaul ends

The bank is now targeting 'business as usual' after years of restructuring.

Why I’m back in Sarawak for GE14

Those of us who’ve been overseas and who’ve seen how well other nations are governed have a duty to perform: to return home to vote so as to bring about change for the better.

Hong Kong’s richest woman loses half her wealth on stock plunge

Pollyanna Chu is now the third-richest woman in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s richest man Li Ka-shing to retire

Li Ka-shing will step down as chairman of CK Hutchison.