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Tag: weight loss

Weight loss or muscle gain: Which is easier to achieve?

This article details all the right components needed to ensure weight loss and why it's far harder to achieve than gaining muscle.

The secret exercise for fat loss

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to exercise for weight loss.

Weight loss: How does ‘calorie balance’ work?

Learn the science behind weight loss and the importance of having an experienced personal trainer take you through it from start to finish.

Could a new hormone injection help tackle obesity?

A combination of three hormones has been found to provide some of the benefits of gastric bypass surgery, without the surgery.

Habits holding back your diet progress

Change how you look at breakfast and beware the evils of consuming high-carb and processed foods any time of the day.

Weight loss in teens: How to get them to do it...

Parents can play a role in encouraging weight loss in their children by being sympathetic towards their needs and being good role models.

Study: Breakfast may not help with weight loss after all

There is no good evidence to support the popular idea that eating breakfast can help with weight loss, or that skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain.

5 health misconceptions that’ll burn a hole in your wallet

Before you commit to expensive gyms memberships, buying organic food or taking weight loss pills, be wary that not everything you read is real.

The truth about lemon water and weight loss

Water containing lemon doesn't directly make you lose weight. Rather it helps accelerate the overall process of losing weight.

Tonga PM challenges Pacific leaders to weight-loss competition

The Pacific has the highest obesity rates in the world and Tonga leader Akilisi Pohiva said politicians needed to lead from the front to help curb the problem.

5 physical changes implying your body is telling you something

Though sudden physical changes or new symptoms can be due to changes in the weather or short periods of stress, they can also be important clues about your health.

The science behind counting calories

Shocking evidence shows that the oft-heard mantra of 'do more, eat less' for weight loss seems to be only making society fatter.

Lifestyle changes can help obese women improve fertility

Programs that promote weight loss through lifestyle change can increase the chance of spontaneous pregnancy.

Surprising ways alcohol may be good for your health

From weight loss to boosting your confidence levels, alcohol consumed in the right proportion can do wonders for your health as well.

More weight loss tied to less knee pain for obese people

This is especially true of knee pain linked to knee osteoarthritis.

Obese teens with psychiatric issues can still benefit from weight loss...

Bariatric surgery has been shown to be able to help obese teenagers with losing weight.

Weight-loss surgery tied to increases in divorces, marriages

Weight-loss surgery and instability in relationships appear to be correlated.

RESEARCH: More evidence to support following a whole grain-rich diet

New US research adds to the growing body of evidence that a diet rich in whole grains can have a beneficial effect on health, finding that the grains can help maintain a healthy weight, reduce blood sugar levels, and increase calorie (energy) use.

Mexican man, once the world’s fattest, dreams of walking again

He is still connected to an oxygen tube 24 hours a day, but he spends less and less time lying in bed.

Ketogenic diet: Benefits and side effects

The most evident benefit of the ketogenic diet is weight loss, which certain studies have found to be slightly greater than with high-protein diets.

Sweet treats for a healthier diet

Ultimately, the golden rule for fans of sweet treats is to make quality the priority.

Boost weight loss efforts with alternative therapies

Here's a look at some of the alternative techniques and manual therapies that can have beneficial effects on mind and body.

Don’t forget sleep as part of a weight loss plan

As a knock-on effect, poor sleep can lead people to be less active and snack more, often reaching for sugary or fatty foods as a pick-me-up.