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Tag: welfare

Caucus to study progress on proposals to improve welfare of cops

Police will be asked to present a progress report on these 2005 royal commission recommendations, says Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang.

Schoolgirl entrepreneur raises RM90,000 and donates all to help autistic children

Inspired by her kid sister’s plight, Zara Serena Taufiq sells her hand-crafted jewelry to help suffering children

I’m single, disabled, and don’t want Bantuan Sara Hidup

I can still earn a living online instead of waiting for handouts.

Defence ministry: We care for welfare of veterans

Veterans facing problems or seeking help must go through proper channels, it says.

Syed Saddiq promises to look after welfare of athletes after meeting...

However, the 2 athletes say despite the meeting, they are unclear about their fate.

Search on for ex-footballer living on the streets

National Athletes Welfare Foundation says it was not aware of his current plight.

Toppled PM blames Thai junta for making country worse

The Shinawatra clan - a wealthy and powerful family - has won every election since 2001 through populist platforms and welfare schemes that have angered Bangkok's military-aligned elite.

Mahathir urged to ensure Indonesian workers’ safety

The Jakarta Post says in an editorial in conjunction with the prime minister's visit that many migrant workers are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

Taiwan passes controversial bill cutting veterans’ pensions

Senior veterans will see their monthly stipend cut by more than 20% over the next decade, after a smaller initial drop, according to official estimates.

More BR1M, no KR1M, that’s Ameer’s aid formula

New federal government is urged to make changes so that people who get aid payments will spend it on necessities.

Kedah BN admits defeat, PH to form state government

Kedah BN chairman Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah says he accepts the verdict of the people and that the country’s democratic system and constitution need to be upheld.

Why I’m back in Sarawak for GE14

Those of us who’ve been overseas and who’ve seen how well other nations are governed have a duty to perform: to return home to vote so as to bring about change for the better.

Increase allowances for elderly, urges Public Accounts Committee

It says the women, family and community development ministry must be more pro-active and find alternatives towards creating a caring nation.

Maduro challenger promises US dollar giveaway for Venezuelans

Henri Falcón has proposed giving US$25 to every Venezuelan to help the economy recover, as well as enable poor Venezuelans to lead better lives.

Thai graft agency investigates suspected theft of funds for the poor

The PACC found evidence of irregularities amounting to about 100 million baht.

Welfare Dept to work with Unicef on malnourished kids

It will seek out those in need of aid from the department, as indicated in Unicef study of 2,142 children.

Najib announces 5 projects worth RM1.3 billion in Langkawi

The prime minister says the projects are proof the ruling government is safeguarding the welfare of the people in Langkawi.

Hisham slams group for claiming NS has failed to instil patriotism

Defence minister says Patriots practising 'double standards' by criticising National Service programme when they did not offer any suggestions before.

Salleh: Under Najib, Umno ‘rebranded’, ready to listen

Minister says this is a change from the 'old Umno', which was viewed as elitist, ultra-nationalist and being all about factions and money politics.

Take care of workers sent to Malaysia, Myanmar warns agents

Employment agencies in Myanmar must abide by a maximum fee limit and submit full list of workers to government.

Welfare Dept: Report anyone trying to sell kids

This follows arrest of couple and rescue of twins offered for sale for RM15,000 on leading online selling platform.

Kajang old folks home where 5 died in fire had ‘no...

The centre began operations just two months ago and did not seek permit from Kajang Municipal Council.

Najib announces RM5 million for MACC’s welfare body

The prime minister hails efforts to eradicate graft as MACC announces seizure of assets and cash totalling RM334 million over the past year.

Parents: We left our 3 kids in care of neighbour

They claim the woman volunteered to take care of the children while they attended two-day course to get factory jobs.