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Tag: well-being

Malaysians should learn how to be happy

If what we read in the news and talk about with our friends is anything to go by, many Malaysians are suckers for bad news.

Mid-Term Review: Putrajaya to build ‘resilient and sustainable’ Bumiputera economic community

Mid-term review report says while the government plans to further improve the lot of Bumiputeras, it will also attend to the needs of other communities, including the Orang Asli.

How sports can affect your emotional well-being

While many studies support the positive effects derived from participating in a sporting activity, in some cases, the reverse occurs.

Sedic now under Waytha’s Unity and Social Well-Being Department

Minister P Waythamoorthy says first up will be an audit of Sedic's activities.

Cabinet to get SOP on child marriages

The standard operating procedure, to be submitted by the DPM, must be followed by the Shariah Court when giving approval to such cases.

People’s well-being depends on economy, says Najib

The prime minister says this is why Putrajaya is focusing on strengthening the economy.

Ways to a healthy life

We should make it a habit to monitor our health, eat the right food, avoid sedentary behaviour, exercise regularly and avoid excessive stress.

A little lime juice goes a long way

Adding a little lime juice to your drinking water nourishes your body with vitamins, minerals and beneficial trace elements.