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Israel spyware firm can mine data from social media

The Financial Times writes that NSO group had 'told buyers its technology can scrape an individual’s data from the servers of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft'.

Talian aduan larangan merokok Kementerian Kesihatan pulih

Semalam dilaporkan pesanan yang dihantar ke talian aduan KKM tidak sampai, tanpa "tanda rait berkembar" yang menandakan ia diterima.

Health ministry’s smoking ban hotline restored

Social media users who send messages to the hotline number will now get a response from the ministry's Tobacco Control Sector.

Health ministry to meet Facebook over complaints that hotline is blocked

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says a complaint was lodged with WhatsApp claiming that the ministry's hotline has breached the messaging platform's terms and conditions.

WhatsApp sekat talian hotline larangan merokok KKM

Talian hotline itu membolehkan orang ramai menghantar aduan dan gambar individu yang merokok di zon larangan merokok.

WhatsApp blocks ministry’s smoking ban hotline over snooping complaints

The hotline allows the public to send photographs of those who light up in no-smoking zones.

Ciri baru WhatsApp muat naik WA Stories terus ke Facebook bakal...

WhatsApp akan ada ciri baharu untuk muat naik WA Stories terus ke Facebook

#WhatsappDown jadi trending selepas rusuhan di Jakarta

Ramai pengguna aplikasi WhatsApp menghadapi kesukaran untuk menerima atau menghantar mesej, video atau gambar.

DAP to act against division chief over alleged threat to OCPD

The party says it will leave it to the police to investigate first.

Former aide accuses PKR MP of sexual harassment

The woman, who claims to be a former research officer and branch treasurer, says this has been going on for five months since December last year

WhatsApp ‘will never be secure’, says Telegram founder

Telegram has repeatedly come under fire from authorities in Russia over its strong encryption and it is officially blocked in the country.

Hackers exploited WhatsApp flaw to install spyware

Hackers exploit security flaw in WhatsApp, allowing malicious software to be installed on phones when they call their targets using the app.

Sri Lanka blocks social media after worst anti-Muslim unrest since Easter...

Sri Lanka has used temporary bans on social media in a bid to deter misinformation and rumours.

WhatsApp changes group chat settings

The setting will be rolled out on Wednesday for some users and be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

Satu dunia down… Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

Netizen gelisah apabila media sosial popular seperti Facebook, WhatsApp dan Instagram alami gangguan teknikal

Outage hits Facebook, Instagram users worldwide

The tech giant says the outage is not related to an attack aimed at overwhelming the network.

WhatsApp bug lets users bypass new privacy controls

The disclosure comes as messaging and other applications race to improve security and privacy.

Hantar mesej lucah, penganggur dipenjara 5 bulan

Lelaki itu menghantar mesej berbaur lucah kepada wanita berusia 49 tahun menerusi aplikasi WhatsApp tahun lepas.

Zuckerberg plans to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger

After the changes, a Facebook user will be able to send an encrypted message to someone who has only a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp limits text forwards to 5 recipients to curb rumours

A WhatsApp user could previously forward a message to 20 individuals or groups.

India meets with WhatsApp over tracing of fake news

The messaging app has been working to curb the circulation of what technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad termed 'sinister' content in India, the firm's biggest market where it boasts over 220 million users.

WhatsApp now supports stickers

All you have to do to share a sticker is tap on the new sticker button and pick the image that inspires you.

WhatsApp bans more than 100,000 accounts in Brazil election

While the company said it was able to thwart false information on its main social network, it’s had more trouble controlling misbehaviour on WhatsApp, which is encrypted and virtually impossible to monitor.

WhatsApp dirty tricks allegations in Brazil polls

Allegations of a dirty tricks campaign on WhatsApp dominated Brazil’s presidential election race yesterday, turning attention to social media manipulation following abuses uncovered in the last US election and Britain’s Brexit referendum.