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Lorry driver gets 40 years, 24 strokes of rotan for incest,...

Judge says what he did would leave a lasting trauma on 11-year-old daughter.

Couples flogged for PDA, Aceh mayor asks watching visitors to come...

Trio of canoodling couples whipped between 20 to 22 times in front of mosque.

Aceh whips amorous couples

It is the only province in Indonesia that imposes Islamic law.

No place for caning in civilised society, Putrajaya told

Human rights lawyers urge the government to reconsider its decision to retain the punishment.

Whipping by civil courts to stay for now, Dewan Rakyat told

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Hanipa Maidin says the matter is still being studied by the government.

Woman in Terengganu to be caned for prostitution

The sentence will be carried out at the Kajang Women’s Prison in Selangor.

Single mum gets jail, whipping for prostitution

Court orders for the 30-year-old to be whipped at the prison where she serves her sentence if she does not appeal against it within 14 days.

The harsh reality of life as a Muslim single mother

Shariah courts are often quick to punish the women, but slow to make the men pay alimony.

Bar is against whipping of offenders under shariah and civil laws

Caning is a cruel and degrading form of punishment that strips an individual of dignity and self-respect, says George Varughese.

Terengganu MB: Backlash over caning for lesbian sex only temporary

Ahmad Shamsuri Mokhtar says the public will be able to accept the punishment if they view it objectively, not emotionally.

14 years for man who sodomised neighbour’s child

The offence was committed at an apartment in Bandar Baru Bangi two years ago.

Indonesian Christians whipped over shariah-banned child’s play

Dahlan Silitonga and Tjia Nyuk Hwa were whipped after being charged with gambling, which is illegal in the province of Aceh.

Bar: Withhold amendment bill until judicial discretion restored

President George Varughese says the shift away from the mandatory death penalty, as provided in the bill to amend the Dangerous Drugs Act, should not be dependent on certification from the public prosecutor.

Man gets 20 years jail, whipping for raping daughter

This is second sentence for the man, who was convicted and also sentenced to 20 years in jail for the offence of inserting finger into the child's vagina.

Whipping possible for tahfiz school fire suspects, says ex-judge

Former Sessions Court judge Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman says if convicted the teens could face such physical punishment but subject to advice from a doctor.

4 family members get jail, whipping for rape of relative

Heinous act of grandfather, father and two uncles was exposed after a medical check-up on the 19-year-old girl revealed she was 25 weeks pregnant.

NGOs: Spare young consensual sex couples in bill

Several NGOs say teens with a small age gap between them who love each other should not be criminalised under the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill.

Avoid severe punishment like caning, say reformed drug addicts

Disagreeing with PAS MP who supported harsh penalties, they say drug users are victims who need attention and care.

Perkasa calls for life sentence, whipping for corrupt

The right wing Malay group also wants indefinite detention without bail for those investigated for corruption.

Mafia style punishment for insulting ‘Datuk’

Heavily-tattooed man dragged to funeral parlour and repeatedly whipped with a rubber hose for insulting a deceased 'Datuk' on Facebook.

‘Deter muggers and burglars with the whip’

The Community Policing Association says current penalties are too light to discourage such crimes.

Spare the rod, Suhakam urges teachers, parents

Human rights commission says Govt should protect children by rejecting corporal punishment in schools.