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Tag: whistleblowers

Rewarding whistleblowers gets others to expose abuses, says Lim

He says it is very important for any government or institution to protect and reward whistleblowers.

Fear of losing jobs holding back whistleblowers, says TI-M

Transparency International Malaysia president Muhammad Mohan says informants fear their identity will be exposed.

Whistleblowers to get EU-wide protection when reporting crimes

The new rules also define penalties for false or malicious reporting and are subject to final approval by EU states and the Parliament before taking effect.

Fighting corruption early for the good of the country

Malaysia’s continuing corruption epidemic can be addressed by teaching children good values, claim experts.

Whistleblower Protection Act has gaps, needs revamp, says C4

If you do a grand expose in public, as was done by Rafizi Ramli, you lose your right to protection and this is unjust, says Cynthia Gabriel.

Why opposition MPs risk everything to continue exposing wrongdoings

In a system where the government can choose not to be accountable and transparent because it holds total power, we need people brave enough to continue taking the risk to expose wrongdoings.

Cops’ action on Ambiga a warning for others, says Amanah

Government critic Khairuddin Abu Hassan also calls for police and MACC to instead focus on upholding the rule of law and protect the rights of the people.

C4: Syed Saddiq expose shows need to strengthen whistleblowers law

Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism says whistleblower protection should be given immediately, not only after a report has been lodged with law enforcement agencies.

Enough laws for protection of whistleblowers, says MACC

However, MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad says public knowledge on whistleblower protection is still low.

Whistleblowers protected under Act 696 and Act 711

The prime minister’s department has taken various initiatives, such as holding seminars, to reduce confusion over the implementation of these two acts.

C4’s R2Kmy campaign to create awareness on right to access information

Anti-graft NGO's launches website to guide public on how to get state-level info under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Enactment.

Rafizi: Jail threats won’t stop whistleblowers

MP reminds government to pay attention to public yearning for information and clampdown on corruption.

LKS to Paul Low: Enough talking, do something

DAP veteran challenges integrity minister to prove that he means what he says