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Tag: White House

White House discussing gun legislation, Democrats call it unproductive

Democrats are accusing Donald Trump of reversing course after he initially voiced support for tougher background checks.

White House invites US biggest tech companies to discuss Huawei

The White House invited many of the US’s biggest technology companies to discuss economic issues including a possible resumption of sales to Huawei.

White House to host meeting with tech executives on Huawei ban

The future of US companies' ties to Huawei remains uncertain after the Trump administration put the company on a blacklist in May.

Trump meets Uighur, Rohingya, other religious persecution victims

Trump is known for making religious freedom a centrepiece of his foreign policy.

Rapinoe: US World Cup teammates will snub White House

Championship US sports teams are traditionally honoured with an invitation to the White House, though Donald Trump has at times revoked invitations.

Man who set himself on fire near White House has died

The man set himself on fire on the Ellipse, an area popular with tourists between the White House and the Washington Monument.

Man sets self on fire near White House

According to secret service, the man sets himself on fire near 15th street and Constitution Avenue.

After dispute, ex-White House security clearance official meets US lawmakers

Kline, who was in charge of White House clearances at the time, spoke to investigators from the House of Representatives Oversight Committee.

Trump misses tax return deadline, legal battle likely

The White House's refusal to deliver Donald Trump's six-year tax return may become a court battle.

Trump says Congress ‘can’t impeach’ him

Democrats believe the Mueller report has revealed serious wrongdoing by the president and have yet to decide on impeachment.

White House denies Trump inciting violence against Muslim lawmaker

Ilhan Omar has been at the centre of an escalating row following a speech she made about Islamophobia.

White House reviewing ‘options’ to send migrants to sanctuary cities

Sanctuary cities are jurisdictions in 27 US states that limit cooperation between local law enforcement and immigration authorities.

White House wanted to send migrants to Democrat cities

The White House told the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) that the plan was intended to alleviate a shortage of detention space.

Trump says he will skip White House correspondents dinner

He told reporters on the White House South Lawn that he would hold a political rally instead of going to the dinner.

Nato chief to meet Trump, alliance critic, on anniversary

Trump has long questioned the usefulness of the alliance and characterised fellow members as freeloaders.

US said to leave in place latest N.Korea-related sanctions

Treasury announced sanctions against the two shipping companies to punish them for alleged violations of existing sanctions against shipments to N.Korea.

Trump pressured aides to get security clearances for Ivanka, Kushner

Trump pushed for security clearances for his daughter and Jared Kushner, following concerns raised by the personnel office.

Ex-Colorado governor announces White House bid

4 former US governors have become president since 1976.

Leak of Trump’s daily schedule prompts White House fury

The weekend report on news site axios.com angered the White House, which did not deny the details of what appears to be a rather easy typical day at the office for the world's most powerful man.

White House pushes back after explosive report alleges Trump told lawyer...

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani calls the allegation in the BuzzFeed report "categorically false" in a comment sent to several White House reporters.

‘Grifters, weaklings, felons’: Christie on the Trump White House

The former New Jersey governor says Donald Trump 'trusts people he shouldn’t, including some of the people who are closest to him'.

White House asked for options to strike Iran, reports WSJ

The request by the National Security Council, which is led by John Bolton, sparked deep concern among Pentagon and State Department officials.

Biden nearing decision on 2020 White House bid, says report

A number of other candidates already have announced intentions to run or are exploring bids.

US stock futures rally after Trump-Xi `big progress’ phone call

The 2 presidents spoke at length by telephone with each expressing satisfaction with trade talks initiated after their meeting earlier this month in Argentina.