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Porcine pickle: Hong Kongers divided over city’s emboldened wild boars

Division in Hong Kong about how to deal with growing urban wild boar population.

China bans pig imports from Japan, Belgium over swine fever

Beijing also orders the return or destruction of products shipped from the two countries.

Thai cave boys leave Buddhist monastery after honouring dead rescuer

Eleven of the boys and their coach ordained to "make merit" according to Buddhist ritual for "Sergeant Sam", as the diver is now affectionately known across Thailand.

Thai cave boys pray for good luck after first night home

The teammates and coach were discharged from hospital Wednesday after recuperating for a week from their 18-day ordeal inside Tham Luang cave with no food and only rainwater to drink.

British caver says considering legal action after Elon Musk ‘pedo’ tweet

Tesla CEO Musk launched the extraordinary tirade against Vernon Unsworth without providing any justification or explanation

Coach Ek, the unlikely stateless hero of Thai cave drama

Football coach Ekkapol Chantawong is one of several stateless members of the "Wild Boars".

Hungary detects fresh case of African swine fever in wild boar

According to NEBIH, the disease has not spread to domestic pigs.

Denmark to build wild boar fence on German border

The Danish government is hoping to prevent African swine fever from spreading into its borders, as it could adversely affect the country's lucrative pork industry.

Indonesia governor cracks down on bloody dog-boar fights

Owners of participating animals said they saw the fights as a way to preserve a regional tradition, besides testing the agility and hunting abilities of the dogs.

Stop taking tourists to wildlife dinners, warns department

It calls for timely tip-offs on tourists being fed meals from meat of pangolins, wild boar, turtles and pythons.

Wild boar crossing: One killed, 4 injured in crash

Police say two cars coming from opposite directions hit the boar crossing Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman.