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Tag: Wildlife

Sarawak pangolin, facing extinction, to get greater protection

Forestry Corporation chief says state government will be urged to classify it as 'totally protected' and higher penalties imposed on offenders.

Sabah’s tourism will suffer if poaching continues, wildlife expert warns

Benoit Goossens says much of Sabah's fauna has been lost to such activities.

Tight checks on porous Sarawak border to prevent wildlife smuggling

Pangolins and turtle eggs are usually targeted by these smugglers.

Five re-arrested over killing of pygmy elephant in Tawau

The Sabah Wildlife Department will seek a new remand order to further investigate the suspects.

Felda confirms officer and 2 settlers held over elephant killing

The three people were among six detained for being allegedly involved in the brutal killing of a bull pygmy elephant in Kalabakan, near Tawau.

Suspects in pygmy elephant case held for 2 more days

Wildlife Department to rearrest them If police investigations end within remand period, says Tawau district police chief.

South Africa seizes 342 kg lion bones bound for Malaysia

Lion bones are prized in Asia for their supposed medicinal values and as jewellery.

Suspects in dead elephant case remanded for firearms probe

The six include an illegal immigrant.

Elephant killers caught in Tawau

It comes a week after the dead elephant was found tied to a tree on a riverbank near Tawau.

RM10,000 bounty on cruel killers of Sabah pygmy elephant

Bounty may go up to RM20,000 but it has not been firmed up yet, says Sabah Wildlife director Augustine Tuuga.

Egg cell harvest may help save Sumatran rhino

Experts recover egg cell from last of the species at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah for in-vitro fertilisation attempt.

Putrajaya buys surveillance aircraft to map Sarawak forests, wildlife

Minister says the RM35 million aircraft is part of Putrajaya's effort to protect forests and wildlife in the country.

Scores of tigers rescued from infamous Thai temple have died

The tigers have died from a viral disease as the have no immune system due to inbreeding.

Now Sabah’s endangered banteng at risk of extinction, warn wildlife experts

The number of banteng, known as the wild cattle of Borneo, is less than 500 now.

Police want whipping for wildlife smuggling offenders

Top cop Abdul Hamid Bador says it is part of efforts to combat poaching and wildlife trafficking in the country.

Terengganu urged to declare Tasik Kenyir a geopark

A researcher says ecotourism can save the area with farms being left idle as young people migrate to cities.

Mind the forests, wildlife expert tells Sabah as Indonesia plans capital...

Benoit Goossens says the project will put an untold amount of pressure on Borneo.

Get boots on the ground quickly to save tigers, says expert

WWF Malaysia's Mark Rayan Dharmaraj also urges Putrajaya to form a national tiger committee with executive powers.

Thousands of confiscated turtles ‘put to sleep’, says wildlife department

Perhilitan says 2,800 baby red-eared sliders handed over by customs in June were disposed of as they are considered an invasive alien species.

Carcass of endangered whale shark found in Johor waters

Fisheries official says fishermen have never seen this type of shark before, and it may have wandered from its original habitat.

At a dirty ‘mini-zoo’ travellers throw coins at turtles for luck

Wildlife department says the shop owner has a licence to keep a crocodile and several turtles as pets but not for public display.

Johor man nabbed for keeping sun bear cub as hobby

Wildlife officers also find nine parakeets, one cockatoo and a blue-and-gold macaw at the man's business premises.

No ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’: Trapped US raccoon goes viral

Animal control experts sedate the raccoon, calming it enough to pull its head out of the grate.

Senoi Praaq to join the fight against poachers

Two battalions of renowned jungle tracking force to be deployed with power to shoot, says IGP Hamid Bador