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Tag: Wildlife

Sabah worried over deteriorating health of last male Sumatran rhino

One or more of his internal organs are not functioning well.

Crocs alive! 220 crocodiles about to be smuggled from Sabah

They were being smuggled from the Kampung Pasir Putih swamp forest in Tawau to be transported in an Indonesian boat.

Vietnamese poachers could spend 12 years in jail if fine not...

The court has taken cognizance of the government’s seriousness in protecting wildlife by imposing a fine of RM1.56 million, the highest ever involving a wildlife crime, says A Srimurugan.

2 Viet poachers jailed 2 years, fined RM1.56 mil for wildlife...

They were arrested by Perhilitan officers on April 15 in Hulu Sungai Tersat in Taman Negara, Pahang.

Stranded baby elephants rescued by Thai rangers

After three hours of digging to build a makeshift ramp, the mud-covered babies managed to stumble out of the pit one-by-one as the rangers cheered them on.

Indonesia foils illegal Facebook sale of komodo dragons

If convicted, the smugglers could face up to five years in prison and a 100-million-rupiah fine (RM 28,593).

Rare albino penguin makes debut at Polish zoo

Zoo staff are waiting until they are able to determine its sex to name the youngster.

Indonesia busts Russian smuggling drugged orangutan

Police also found two live geckos and five lizards inside the man's suitcase.

Expert warns of human-wildlife conflict if highway cuts through forest reserves

Benoit Goossens says parts of the Pan Borneo Highway will go through Class 1 forest reserves, affecting wildlife such as elephants, sun bears and clouded leopards.

5 best camping adventures in Malaysia

Follow the therapeutic Japanese concept of 'forest bathing' to re-charge and get centered at these five camping sites below.

Mountain lion strangled by Colorado man was orphaned cougar cub

The encounter between the young predator and Travis Kauffman has garnered international headlines.

Conservationists release 155 giant tortoises on Galapagos island

The young Chelonoidis hoodensis tortoises were set free on Santa Fe island.

Thai forest rangers train to tackle wildlife crime

Camo-clad rangers ambush a poacher camp -- part of a training exercise to counter a lucrative wildlife trade.

Man smuggles month-old leopard cub on plane to India

The cub was found in a plastic grocery basket hidden inside a bag after the passenger arrived in India on the Thai Airways flight.

Hong Kong failing to tackle wildlife smuggling epidemic

Wildlife trafficking in Hong Kong is under-policed and under-investigated.

Sabahan who offered to sell live pangolin via WhatsApp arrested

The man from Kota Belud was found in a car with the live pangolin, which is a protected animal.

Galapagos bans fireworks to protect unique wildlife

Fireworks that produce light but no noise have been excluded from the ban.

Dutch build artificial islands to bring wildlife back

Greylag goose, common tern, several species of waders including the great egret and the night heron have returned.

Dutch build artificial islands to bring wildlife back

The hope is that a new artificial archipelago of five islands will bring nature back to the area via a typically ambitious engineering project for a low-lying country that has battled the sea for centuries.

Sabah sets up joint task force to protect elephant population

A total of 116 elephants have died between October 2010 and September this year.

Four suspected poachers detained in central Sabah

A roadblock was set up after a tip-off from the public at Sabah Foundation’s concession area in Tongod.

Orphaned orangutan makes return to wild after 18 years of rehab

The Sabah Wildlife Department, Wildlife Rescue Unit and Orang Utan Appeal UK pooled resources to make this amazing achievement possible.

Vietnam seizes nearly a ton of pangolin scales, ivory

Pangolins are treasured in Vietnam and the region for their meat and the alleged medicinal properties of their scales.

Plains All American Pipeline convicted in 2015 California oil spill

The company faces at least US$1.5 million in penalties if Friday's conviction is sustained.