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Eiffel Tower-produced wine to debut next year

Paris’ heritage in viticulture given second wind by local startup.

US threat to French wine receding, but not lifted, says minister

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire says the threat of tariffs on French wine has not completely disappeared.

EU will respond to US tariffs on French wine, says Tusk

US President Donald Trump's fresh threat was made in retaliation for Paris imposing a sales tax on US-based tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple.

Drone buzzes above vineyard helping Luxembourg winegrower

More and more winemakers in Europe are turning to drones as more accurate and less wasteful ways to spray fungicide over their vines.

The world’s newest wine frontier is Bhutan

A US wine enthusiast invents an industry from scratch in the remote Himalayan kingdom, creating challenging opportunities in the process.

Napa Valley wine falls victim to China trade war

California vintners large and small who have spent years building relationships with China are now seeing their work undone by the tariff dispute.

Swiss specialities: chocolate, cheese and … wine?

The global reputation of Switzerland's winemakers may be set for a boost, backed by a new export promotion strategy.

A waste of good wine? Non! Spitting is essential to tasting

Spitting the wine out is intrinsic to a tasting.

Wine Enthusiast releases ‘America’s 100 best wine restaurants’ 2019

'The list is a selection of restaurants where wine is shared and celebrated and the selection, food, service and atmosphere are all exceptional,' says the editors.

British Airways launches sparkling wine

The wine will be served onboard starting July 1.

World’s best sommelier used to think wine ‘stank’

The world's best sommelier reflects back on his past experiences, even back to a point where he once said wine 'didn't taste nice'.

Tyrion’s tipple: French winemaker creates ‘Dornish Wine’

The people of Vignobles Bardet winery did their research by going through the books which inspired the HBO series.

All you need to know about Bordeaux’s ‘Primeurs’ in 6 questions

The primeurs process allows tasters to get an idea of the vintage's concentration, the tannins, if they are firm or rounded and so forth.

Bucking the crisis, Greek microbreweries bubble to the fore

While small and medium-sized breweries in Greece were destroyed by the 2010 economic crisis, microbreweries survived and continue to thrive.

Wine consumers are drinking less, but drinking better

China is predicted to overtake France by 2020, with a value of US$19.5 billion by 2022.

Distiller Pernod Ricard considers sale of wine division

The world’s second-largest distiller had discussions on a potential sale of its wine division, which has sales of about US$500 million.

Fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker to launch new wines this winter

Sarah Jessica Parker's venture into the wine making business is indeed new venture away from the high end fashion.

‘Diva’ dog left in car honks incessantly until owner emerges

Don't drag your feet if Jenny's waiting in the car - this diva dog doesn't take too kindly to those who take ages getting their errands done.

In Lebanon’s hills, Carlos Ghosn winery presses on

A winery co-founded by detained tycoon Carlos Ghosn presses on with trade, nestled in green hills north of Lebanon's capital Beirut.

Bangkok and Tasmania among top 10 wine getaways 2019

The destinations represent 'the most exciting and comprehensive wine travel experience for savvy travellers.'

Push to ‘denazify’ Austria’s star wine

Zweigelt is the most popular red wine in Austria.

Uzbekistan pulls out the stops for fine winemaking

Uzbekistan produces around 20 million litres of wine a year, compared to France's more than four billion litres.

Climate change offers sparkling prospects to English winemakers

English sparkling wines are beginning to nibble into the market, but the champagne giants still dominate.

From Biblical to revival: Jordan’s desert winemakers

Two Jordanian families aim to put wine from their desert land on the world viticultural map, reviving an age-old tradition that some suggest has Biblical heritage.