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US thaws from Arctic deep freeze as death toll climbs

The two days of intense cold from the so-called polar vortex that descended on the US Midwest and Northeast will go down in memory for its scenes of winter at its most bitter.

One of America’s ‘happiest’ places will pay you US$100 to visit...

Here's one way to entice visitors to your city: Offer a US$100 cash incentive.

Critter fritter: Hanoi’s winter worm cakes delight diners

Ragworm fritters - best prepared while the wriggling worms are still alive - have long been a favourite.

‘Winter is coming’: Indonesia warns of new crisis from trade war

Widodo did not single out any one country but emerging markets, like Indonesia, have been battered by stormy conditions amid worries about the impact of an escalating Sino-US trade war and monetary policy tightening in advanced economies.

London is set for magical winter with lighted Harry Potter wands

The installation is also meant to raise awareness for J.K. Rowling's charity Lumos, which works to end the institutionalization of children around the world and reunite them with their families.

Asia’s strong jet fuel margins at risk from high cost to...

Aviation fuel prices, one of the main input costs for airlines, are also lingering close to their highest in about four years, weighing on airlines' balance sheets.

Thanksgiving and winter travel plans? Why you’ll want to book your...

Planning to fly over US Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? Better look into booking a flight now if you want to score a good deal.

Spring melts a path through frozen Finnish archipelago

The melting of the waters around the Kvarken Archipelago allows for greater ease of travel around the surrounding area.

20 years on, Kazakhs struggle to warm to chilly new capital

Despite a pantheon of lavish, futuristic architecture, many people who were forced to move to Astana for work or family reasons find the city an uncomfortable fit.

China urges northern cities to shut factories as smog builds

The Shanghai Securities News said the notice also included measures to shut or reduce output at a selected number of plants in the region.

Mongolian winter ‘dzud’ kills 700,000 head of livestock

Mongolia is in the midst of a winter phenomenon called a dzud, when extremely low temperatures and snow make it difficult for animals to survive.

Europe hopes for weekend respite as deep freeze persists

Fifty-nine people across 13 European countries have died because of the cold snap.

‘Beast from the East’ keeps Europe in deep freeze

Europe continues to suffer from the effects of a devastating cold snap.

Spanish climber calls off winter Everest summit bid

Alex Txikon and his team reached an altitude of 7,950 metres before aborting the attempt to scale Mount Everest.

Icy blast from Siberia sweeps across Europe

The cold snap caused by a winter wind from Siberia has affected 13 different European countries.

Deep freeze keeps grip on eastern United States, expected to ease...

The majority of the US has been stricken by an unprecedented cold snap.

India to convert old train coaches into homeless shelters for winter

Government asks states to consider fitting old passenger coaches with electricity and sewerage connections.