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2 earlier witnesses ‘problematic’, one arrested by MACC, RCI into mass...

The commander of a General Operations Force battalion tells the RCI one of his men remains suspended following a probe by MACC while another has ‘problems’.

Coroner rules no need to recall forensic experts in Adib inquest

Coroner Rofiah Mohamad says she is satisfied with the evidence submitted in the inquest proceedings.

Live coverage of Najib’s case will taint trial, say lawyers

They say witnesses will be able to see what is happening and what other witnesses are saying and this can affect the integrity of the trial.

Prosecutor accuses Rosmah of tampering with witnesses

Gopal Sri Ram says interference with investigations is a serious offence.

Court wants full trial for Rantau election petition

Judge says the petition by PKR’s Streram Sinnasamy is not defective and a trial must be held where witnesses will be called.

Lawyer: Court must be told if AG plans to drop Guan...

Criminal lawyer Salim Bashir says this is the respectful approach since Lim's trial has started in the High Court with the calling of 12 witnesses so far.

Jamal cancels plan to call top cops in defamation suit

Maria Chin Abdullah's defamation trial will resume on May 24.

Over 50 witnesses to be called for tahfiz fire trial

Trial has been fixed for May 30 at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Court to hear Najib’s defamation suit against Pua from April 23

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali and MACC officials among the witnesses who will testify.

Batu Maung blaze started from TNB pole, witness claims

Warehouse worker R Kumaran says there was a loud explosion before the warehouses went up in flames.

Mahathir files suit to declare RCI report illegal

Former PM says there has been a failure or omission by five-member tribunal and government to include all documents in report.

MACC seeks Interpol help to track down 10 key witnesses

They are wanted in probe into illegal protection racket for illegal gambling syndicates in Melaka, believed to involve top-level police officers.

Officers: We did not witness any violence towards Balamurugan

Officers from the Serious Crime Unit say when they left the Bandar Baru Klang police station, Balamurugan and two other detainees were in good condition.

Mara property scandal: MACC to call for more witnesses

MACC is calling several more witnesses, including from abroad, to assist in the investigation of the property scandal involving Mara Inc in Australia.

Mahathir, Muhyiddin may testify for Anwar in lawsuit against Khairy

Both are potential witnesses due to new developments in the defamation case, says lawyer R Sivarasa.

Sabah probe: 3 witnesses hand over RM1m to MACC

The three witnesses handed over the money to the MACC while their statements were recoded.

Seizure of RM114m: Sabah MACC to question 40 witnesses

A 70-member MACC team had been investigating the case since last year.

‘Allow witnesses to testify without being seen’

MP Irmohizam suggests the voices of the witnesses also be changed if they feel they could be recognised.