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Tag: women’s rights

Gender stereotypes keep half of working-age Filipino women at home

Government looking for ways to boost number of females in jobs.

Bangladesh bride takes groom home, challenging traditions

Khadiza Akter Khushi and Tariqul Islam's wedding generates into heated social media debate.

Saudi Arabia allows women to travel without male ‘guardian’ approval

Women's rights activists have campaigned for decades against the guardianship system, which renders women as legal minors for their entire lives.

South Korean ex-first lady and women’s rights activist dies

'Today we are seeing off a great person who dedicated her entire life to women,' South Korean president Moon Jae-in says in a statement.

Saudi court resumes high-profile trial of women activists

The 11 activists face charges that include contact with foreign media, diplomats and human rights groups.

In Saudi trial, detained women speak of torture, abuse

The women were detained last summer in a sweeping crackdown on campaigners just before the historic lifting of a decades-long ban on female motorists.

Saudi female activist charged with diplomat, reporter contacts

The detained activists have become a symbol of a political crackdown led by Prince Mohammed, even as he opens up the economy and loosens social restrictions.

‘I was too worried about approval’ says feminist icon Steinem

Feminist Gloria Steinem calls women around the world to speak up and fight for their rights.

As property prices rise, more Indian women claim inheritance

Property prices in the three Haryana cities that are closest to Delhi have risen by more than half in the past decade.

How the world is marking women’s day

Women around the globe celebrated Women's Day by taking a stand against rape and abuse, fighting for gender equality, and promoting peace.

Outrage as ‘honour-killing’ whistleblower shot dead in Pakistan

Afzal Kohistani, who was famous for revealing a controversial wedding video in 2012, was shot five times last and died on the spot.

Use our report as guide to improve women’s rights, activists tell...

Putrajaya should respond positively to a report on the status of women's rights in Malaysia, say women's rights groups.

S.Korean prosecutor jailed in #MeToo case

#MeToo movement sweeps across South Korea as accusations on powerful men are flooding the country.

Philippines’ Duterte under fire for saying he ‘touched’ maid

Women's rights political party Gabriela denounced Duterte's "repulsive" comments and called for him to resign.

Marina, women’s groups join criticism against Wan Azizah over child marriage

Pressure grows on the deputy prime minister as more activists question the delay in charging a 41-year-old man with sexual grooming and violation of procedures.

Indian police arrest 18 for repeated rape of 12-year-old girl

The men in Chennai sedated the girl with drugs and then took her to vacant apartments in the block to rape her.

Nobel winner Malala slams Trump’s child separation policy

At the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, Malala also questioned Trump's record on women's rights.

Prominent Saudi women’s rights activist detained as driving ban lifted

London-based Saudi rights group ALQST and exiled activist Manal al-Sharif reported the arrest on Twitter but provided few details.

Calls to end South Korea abortion ban reach top court

An abortion ban in place since 1953 will be challenged in South Korea's supreme court this week.

Rights groups condemn Saudi women activists’ arrests

The activists had been campaigning for the right to drive.

Irish women open up about abortion ahead of referendum

Many Irish women have faced problems in their attempt to have an abortion due to the country's strict abortion laws.

New Zealand women footballers to get same pay as men

The New Zealand women's football team will now receive the same match payments, equal fees on image rights, a similar proportion of tournament prize money, and the same travel arrangements as the men's team.

US doctors’ group calls for equal pay, opportunities for female physicians

Just as in any other line of work, female doctors in the US have reported receiving less pay and fewer career opportunities.

Tunisian women hit campaign trail as equals to men

Women in Tunisia have more political rights than ever before.