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Tag: women’s health

Study: Annovera contraceptive ring effective birth control method

Studies show the ring's 97% success rate is comparable to the most effective birth control methods already on the market.

Pregnant smokers may face increased sudden infant death risk

American researchers find that any amount of smoking – even just one cigarette a day – appears to double sudden infant death risks.

Study: Home birth may increase risk of stillbirth

Professor Eyal Sheiner says a hospital is still the most secure environment for mothers to give birth to their babies even with advances in modern medicine.

Drinking during pregnancy may increase mental health problems in children

Researchers say complete abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy is advisable to decrease the risk of mental health problems in children.

Study: Oral antifungal drug raises risk of miscarriage

Canadian researchers find taking fluconazole orally at any dose results in a greater likelihood of miscarrying.

Abortion not tied to increased risk of depression

The difference in rates of depression in the years before and after someone has an abortion is not large enough to be statistically significant.

Women with larger waist and hips have higher heart attack risk

Women who have an unusually large waist circumference or a high waist-to-hip ratio are more likely to suffer heart attacks.

Cleaning products tied to faster lung function decline in women

According to a recent study, constant exposure to cleaning products is almost as taxing on one's lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.