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Tag: Wong Chen

Tackle toll issue in stages, MP tells Putrajaya

The government can start by bringing down maintenance cost, says Wong Chen.

Rapid political reform needed to solve economic woes, says PKR MP

Wong Chen says nation's top economic managers should do some soul searching on the signals they have been sending to investors.

PAC akan bincang kedudukan Ronald Kiandee minggu ini

Ahli PAC, Wong Chen berkata, mesyuarat itu akan mendengar pandangan Ronald Kiandee dan semua ahlinya, sebelum menyerahkan hasil perbincangan kepada Kabinet.

Transparency needed in political appointments, says Petronas’ Rohaizad

The state-owned oil and gas company’s chief integrity officer says political appointees must be supervised and a proper reporting system put in place.

Wong Chen minta Maszlee fokus baiki sekolah seluruh Malaysia

Ahli Parlimen Subang menyarankan menteri pendidikan itu tidak melihat perkara remeh seperti menggalakkan pelajar belajar berenang.

Wong Chen gesa TH dedah masalah kewangan selepas pendedahan ketua audit...

Lembaga Tabung Haji dilapor tidak merekodkan rosot nilai berjumlah RM227.81 juta terhadap pelaburan dalam 3 syarikat subsidiari dan 3 syarikat bersekutu.

Wong Chen: RM19.3 mil needed to fix problems of schools in...

Many are battling problems like termite infestation, old water pipes, worn-out electric wires and leaking roofs.

Wong Chen backs deletion of attempted suicide from crime list

The Subang Jaya MP calls for a holistic mental health law and a good budget for treatment and rehabilitation.

Pakatan MP questions need to use Petronas reserves for special dividend

Wong Chen warns that using RM54 billion from Petronas’ reserves can leave country with no financial ammunition when the crisis stemming from the US-China trade war hits Malaysia.

Bagaimana kerajaan mahu tampung Belanjawan 2019, soal Wong Chen

Bagaimanakah kerajaan dapat 'menjana pengganda hasil' dengan memperuntukkan sebanyak RM314 bilion untuk belanjawan 2019?

MP asks if govt can raise enough money to make Budget...

Subang MP Wong Chen expresses concern over “expansionary” budget but says it could be that the government is thinking out of the box.

Guan Eng: Sabah, Sarawak revenue sharing formula to take a year

Finance minister says the country’s economic situation is not conducive for any such formula to be implemented now.

Unity government? Keep dreaming, MPs tell Zahid

Pakatan Harapan MPs play down the possibility of a unity government between Umno and any PH component party.

We need more data to fix mental health issues, says MP

Subang MP Wong Chen says the government cannot formulate policies 'based on gut feelings'.

MP sees possibility of freeze on toll rates

Wong Chen calls for a probe to determine whether concessionaires can justify raising their charges.

Wakil rakyat PH persoal fungsi penasihat kerajaan

Ahli Parlimen menyeru kerajaan menjelaskan fungsi Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan selepas PM mengumumkan ia tidak akan dibubarkan.

Ahli SPR malukan Malaysia, kata pemimpin PH

Ia susulan Md Yusop Mansor berkata pilihan raya umum Kemboja 'sangat telus', demokratik' dan 'boleh dipercayai' bertentangan dengan dakwaan AS dan Eropah.

MOF akan beri taklimat SST kepada Ahli Parlimen, kata Wong Chen

Kerajaan akan perkenal semula cukai jualan dan perkhidmatan (SST) pada 1 September depan walaupun hasil cukai berkurang.

Finance ministry to brief MPs on SST, says Wong Chen

The government will reintroduce sales and services tax (SST) on Sept 1, despite a drop in tax collection.

Data the key to fighting tobacco firms, says Wong Chen

The Subang Jaya MP says this will help anti-tobacco advocates form strong arguments against big tobacco corporations.

Putrajaya urged to bare HSR agreement details

Subang MP says taxpayers have the right to be told how much they'll have to pay if the project is scrapped and how much if it goes ahead.

PKR MP calls for buyout of toll concessionaires to make roads...

Wong Chen says management buyouts can be undertaken in the next one to two years.

MPs call for upping of teachers’ status

Charles Santiago and Wong Chen say the new education minister must work towards attracting talent to the teaching profession.

PH leaders propose ways to cut corruption, boost efficiency

Wong Chen and Charles Santiago say ministries need to be streamlined and reviews carried out on the roles of various commissions.