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Tag: Wong Chin Huat

DAP moving to de-Islamise Malaysia? Rubbish, says analyst

'It will take very special people to believe such a conspiracy theory.'

Low tide in PD not good for Anwar’s image, say analysts

They say the Port Dickson by-election is different from the other three, because it can decide the future national leadership.

PH diskriminasi wakil rakyat pembangkang, kata penganalisis

Wong Chin Huat berkata kerajaan PH mengamalkan diskriminasi apabila memperuntukkan jumlah dana kawasan yang tidak sama.

Analyst: Opposition parties being starved of support

Wong Chin Huat says PH government is practicising discrimination by allocating different amounts of constituency funds to MPs.

Why Najib won’t be another Anwar

Many see the charging of the ex-PM not as political persecution, but the triumph of the rule of law.

Analyst: Zahid may make Umno more combative

Reforms will take a back seat and there'll be defections from the party, says Wong Chin Huat.

Shed racism and adopt a gentleman’s image, don advises Umno

Analyst Wong Chin Huat suggests three reforms for Umno to survive as an opposition party.

Dasar larang tukang masak asing terus dikritik

Penganalisis politik Wong Chin Huat lebih ramai rakyat sedia menjadi tukang masak jika tiada ekploitasi pekerja dan ditawarkan gaji yang lebih baik.

Critics stoke the fire about ban on foreign cooks

Policy analyst Wong Chin Huat says more Malaysians would work as cooks if wages were better and there was no exploitation.

Mampukah BN menjadi pembangkang yang kuat?

Penganalisis berpendapat BN mampu menjadi pembangkang yang kuat tetapi hanya jika ia disusun semula.

Can BN be a credible opposition force?

Not until it is rebooted to allow capable leaders to emerge, says an analyst.

Bubar PPBM mungkin cetus tsunami Melayu, kata penganalisis

Wong Chin Huat berkata, orang Melayu mungkin lihat perintah itu datang daripada kepimpinan BN dan merumuskan ia disebabkan Umno takut kepada PPBM.

BN warned of Malay backlash over PPBM’s dissolution

Analyst Wong Chin Huat says Umno should beware because Malays detest cowardice.

NGO reveals EC’s redelineation report despite embargo

ENGAGE member Wong Chin Huat says he consciously broke the law for the good of the voters.

So what’s Mahathir’s ‘plan B’ if PPBM banned?

Which party's logo would PPBM's candidates use, we talk to two observers.

Guan Eng calls for wish list as youths teeter on #UndiRosak

Pakatan Harapan deputy president Lim Guan Eng says youths can suggest what they want for a better Malaysia so that it can be included in coalition’s manifesto.

Analyst: Two-thirds victory for BN if voter turnout below 70%

Penang Institute political analyst Wong Chin Huat says this was possible with more multi-cornered contests in parliamentary seats.

Penganalisis: BN boleh menang 2/3 jika peratus mengundi bawah 70%

Penganalisis Penang Institute Wong Chin Huat berkata perkara itu mungkin berlaku dalam pertandingan pelbagai penjuru di kerusi Parlimen.

GE14: Will Port Klang return to BN?

Two analysts think the BN and PAS have a chance of defeating PKR for the seat, but another says PKR will prevail.

Bersih seeks 100,000 signatures to defeat EC’s boundary changes

Analyst warns changes proposed by the EC will help BN capture more seats and regain its two-third parliamentary majority.

Analysts: Better PKR than PPBM in Penang’s Malay-majority seats

PKR is well established in Penang, and PPBM's Malay outlook does not mean it is a party of choice for Malay voters.

Hadi’s statement will cost PAS, says analyst

'More non-Muslims will vote against the Islamist party.'

‘Deregistering PPBM will work in opposition’s favour’

Wong Chin Huat says it may result in a stronger and more united opposition.

Penyempadanan semula boleh jadi ‘senjata makan tuan’

'Gerrymander', atau taktik licik untuk memenangi pilihan raya, boleh makan tuan, kata penganalisis.