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Tag: Wong King Wei

Sarawak rep suspended a year for challenging speaker’s impartiality

Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei is suspended effective today after 64 assemblymen voted for his suspension.

DAP rep tells Sarawak speaker to step down to ‘reform’ assembly

Padungan assemblyman Wong King Wei wants the Sarawak state assembly to be more 'democratic'.

Ting to Wong: Say sorry or else…

Dismissed Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon threatens to sue, saying the UPP leader had relied on hearsay to accuse him of being a bankrupt.

Kuching LRT: DAP says it may prove impractical

DAP highlights problems, including the lack of a transport blueprint, shortage of supporting transport services and LRT's impracticality for long-distance travel.

Au Revoir Adenan

Thousands of Sarawakians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds bid an emotional farewell to their beloved chief minister.

DAP rep wants guarantee for poor Kuching flat residents

He says the urban poor occupying the flats can be kicked out someday if there is no clarity on the land issue.

Kuching families fear being kicked out of homes

Kuching South City Council, state govt yet to renew leases on low-cost housing in heart of the city, with DAP rep claiming property eyed by developers.

S’wak DAP has anti-rural agenda, says Nancy

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nancy Shukry slams DAP's Padungan MP Wong King Wei for criticising new bridge instead of thinking of the benefits it will bring.

Kota Sentosa bukan lagi kerusi selamat, dakwa DAP

Pengerusi DAP Sarawak berkata persempadanan semula menyebabkan Kota Sentosa bukan lagi kubu kuat DAP

Seat dispute may permanently destroy S’wak DAP-PKR ties

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen says the party cannot work with PKR if it goes back on its word on the earlier agreement reached.

S’wak DAP claims state lost RM530m in cheap land deals

State DAP chief also accepts CM Adenan Satem's debate challenge, but it has to be a live telecast.

It’s Wong & Wong at the head of DAP Youth

Perak assemblyman Wong Kah Woh elected Youth leader, Sarawak assemblyman Wong King Wei as deputy.

Archived: Sarawakians Want Electoral Fairness hanya gimik SUPP

SUPP gagal mempertahankan kepentingan orang ramai seperti yang tersedia di bawah undang-undang Persekutuan.

Archived: Taib melanggar Artikel 2(2) Perlembagaan Negeri, tegas Wong

TYT tidak boleh terlibat aktif dengan apa-apa jenis perniagaan atau syarikat.

Archived: Sarawak DAP rep booted-out by Speaker

Sarawak opposition assemblymen have raised concerns over the 'tampering' of their debate recordings.

‘Insulted’ DAP wants an apology

Financial figures in the Yearbook of Statistics Sarawak 2010 published by the federal government is 'all wrong', according to the state's Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh.

Archived: Speaker bars ‘question’ on Taib-linked property

An opposition assemblyman is puzzled as to why the state government is being secretive about development plans in Kuching.

‘Malaysians have lost their purchasing power’

The ratio of income against the cost of goods in Malaysia is at an unhealthy level, notes a newly elected assemblyman in Sarawak.