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7 work habits that are sabotaging your creativity

Working under constant tight deadlines, attending back to back meetings and insisting on being a perfectionist will do you more harm than good on the job.

UK to allow foreign students to stay for 2 years after...

Former Prime Minister Theresa May had only allowed students to stay for four months after they finish their degree.

An introvert’s guide to a new job

Here’s what can you do as an introvert to prepare yourself for the first day at work.

Why it’s empowering to say ‘no’

In business, time is money, as they say and sometimes saying “no” is essential to respecting your own time and space.

Taking a mental break from work? Don’t check your phone, study...

Using a cell phone during a break from work does not allow the brain to recharge effectively and could result in poorer performance, according to researchers.

5 tough questions to determine if you are ready to freelance

Freelancing is best for those who are tenacious and indomitable-spirited.

C4 wants audit, review of RM4.4 bil River of Life project

Reported shortfalls in physical progress to clean up and beautify a 10km stretch of the Klang River is cause for concern for taxpayers, it says.

Reintegrating into your workplace after maternity leave

With proper planning, a proactive approach, emotional awareness and professionalism, getting back to work should be seamless and stress-free.

How to work with people with completely different views

There is lots to gain working with people who aren’t like you if you are open to it.

Battling addiction among trained workers, professionals

Doctor tells of battle to kick methamphetamine habit and lack of support system.

Why the fuss? Working in Japan does wonders for Malaysians

From learning technical skills to picking up the Japanese work ethic, those who work in the Land of the Rising Sun can add value to the nation.

Better low wage than no wage, Dr M reminds choosy Malaysians

Calling on Malaysians to work to help the country progress, the prime minister says the government is working on certain measures, including amendments to labour laws, to improve the lives of workers.

More Japanese workers choose to extend service past retirement age

Furuse's employer would have struggled to find a replacement, with Japan's jobless rate at 26-year lows.

What is the ‘nappuccino’ trend and how could it boost your...

Drinking coffee before taking a 20-minute nap will leave you feeling more awake afterwards than just coffee or a nap alone.

Work-related stress: Are you a victim?

If you have too many blue days or start to freak out at the thought of going to work, you may be suffering from work-related stress.

SPM results are almost here – what’s your next move?

Now's the best time to give some serious thought to what you want to further your studies in and where you would like to do it at.

Have merit quotas so women can rise up corporate ladder, says...

Noor Farida Ariffin says flexible working hours, childcare facilities and re-entry arrangements are key to increasing women’s participation in the workforce.

Top 5 sources for scholarships and financial aid

Consider using a combination of sources to cover your needs i.e. a scholarship and part-time work or a student loan and scholarship to cover all your needs.

10 ways struggling mothers can strike a work-life balance

Juggling work and family commitments can drive you to the brink of insanity, so read on for encouraging ways to make it all work.

Parents’ stress at work may affect the well-being of their children

The study suggests that parents who have a sense of control over their professional lives are less exposed to work stress and the children in their homes are less likely to be sick.

Mahathir: For affirmative policies to succeed, Malays must change value system

The prime minister says he hopes it won’t be long before the Malays can stand on their own without government support.

Older Americans delay – or defy – retirement

Working after 75 is becoming less and less unusual in the United States.

Quarrelling with ex-PM kept my brain active, Dr M quips

He says for those who do not actively use their muscles or brain power, it will hasten the ageing process.

Get rid of deadwood in civil service now

Civil servants who are unproductive and a bane to the civil service will have to be axed if they fail to deliver on their Key Performance Indicators.