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Socso must cover all, including undocumented workers, says MTUC

The trades union says foreign workers still not adequately covered despite being under the work insurance from 2020.

3,000 workers from India seek help to return home

News report says these illegal workers are unable to pay RM700 fine and RM400 airfare home.

HK unions urge Cathay Pacific to end ‘white terror’

The call comes after the head of Cathay Dragon's Airlines Flight Attendants' Association was dismissed without explanation after managers saw her Facebook account.

MTUC warns bosses over rising trend in ‘defrauding’ workers of their...

Malaysian Trades Union Congress secretary-general J Solomon says employers must pay fair compensation.

Claim that company barred Muslim staff from praying untrue, says ministry

It says investigations by the Klang Labour Department found none of the workers saw a memo said to be barring Muslim staff from praying during working hours.

Labour dept warns employers against salary cuts without prior approval

The department says it is concerned with reports of misappropriation of employees' salaries without clear consent or reason.

Don’t give in to plantation owners, PSM urges Kula

Arutchelvam says party is appalled by move to bring in African workers and deplores cheap labour policy to benefit estate owners.

Putrajaya mulls hiring Africans to work in plantations

Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran says foreign workers from Vietnam and Indonesia are no longer keen on working in Malaysia.

3 workers injured in collapse of building at Gombak LRT station

All three have been sent to hospital for treatment.

‘Systemic’ retaliation as claimed by Google staff

The world's largest internet company has been allegedly mistreating its workers and activists are describing it as a form of 'systematic' retaliation.

FGV denies report of plans to lay off 6,000 workers

CEO Haris Fadzilah Hassan says FGV only plans to reduce 10% of the manpower cost per year.

Court orders 30% deduction in back pay for 17 sacked employees

High Court also allows employers' judicial review to sack group leader Rusaini Ramli, found to be absent from work for four days.

MTUC against minimum wage based on sectors

The umbrella union says this will take away the negotiating power of unions to get the best possible wage for workers.

Microsoft workers call on company to cancel military contract

The workers say they are alarmed that Microsoft is working to provide weapons technology to the US Military, helping one country's government 'increase lethality' using tools they built.

3 die as crane hits beam, bringing down shophouses being built...

Three others are seriously injured.

Bangladesh suppliers to H&M, Next lay off workers after wage protests

The layoffs come after days of protests and clashes between police and workers in January that prompted the government to intervene and compel manufacturers to raise wages.

Google talent advantage erodes as more workers doubt CEO vision

When workers were asked if Pichai’s vision of what the company can achieve inspires them, 78% indicated yes, down 10 percentage points from the previous year.

PKR: Any decision on ECRL will affect 7,000 workers in Terengganu

Terengganu PKR chairman Azan Ismail says workers are still under contract to China Communication Construction Company Ltd.

Joy as seamen stranded on ship off Sabah finally reach jetty

The cargo vessel was towed to the jetty yesterday but the crew members, who suffer from scurvy and have run out of food and water, cannot yet leave the ship as they do not have their passports.

Iran MP denounces arrest of striking workers

Iran has been hit by strikes over working conditions in several key sectors this year.

Israel’s tech sector faces challenge from shortage of workers

The sector accounts for about 45% of Israel's exports but about 15,300 positions remain open.

Ear cleaners, roadside clerks: antiquated jobs thrive in Yangon

For years, tourists have been fascinated by odd trades in Yangon, from cycle trishaws swerving through traffic to roadside clerks going clickety-clack on typewriters.

Japan enacts controversial law to accept foreign workers

The government plans to bring in as many as 345,000 foreign workers.

10 foreign workers stranded on ship off Sabah, not paid for...

They claim their employer has taken their passports and RM50,260 in deposit from them.