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Mahathir suggests working at night to escape scorching heat

The prime minister says floodlights can be installed for workers to work at night.

Make registration a must for Malaysians wishing to work abroad, says...

Human rights NGO says Putrajaya should learn from the Philippines, whose citizens follow a fixed protocol before migrating for labour purposes.

Entrepreneur icon Sofia seeks to help rebuild Umno

Sofia Ahmad, who joined Umno four years ago and is contesting a post in Puteri Umno, says the party is still relevant and that it can rise from defeat.

Some Malaysian workers living like destitutes in South Korea

Report says these workers are among 5,000 Malaysians lured to South Korea with promises of lucrative salaries.

Subra doubtful 1,548 doctors serving in UK

He says many of them may be aging doctors who had chosen to reside in the UK after completing their specialist training.

113 North Koreans surrender to immigration

The foreign workers will be leaving the country in stages with their employers' assistance, says the Immigration Department.